2 Bobbygedd events in 1 day !!!!!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Matts Mowing, Nov 17, 2004.

  1. Matts Mowing

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    1. This lady calls me a few weeks ago regarding leaf cleanup etc..... Tells me she wants me for full lawn service going forward. The only catch is she works nights and would like me to come in the afternoon to mow and cleanup. I tell her no problem but once in awhile I may need to come by closer to noon rather than later in the day. She says no problem just as long as it looks good. The first cleanup I get there at 1:00 and perform her first cleanup. She likes the work and says to come back in 2 weeks for the next cleanup. I get there again yesterday at 1:00 and start the cleanup. After 5 minutes she comes storming out of the house yelling at me because I woke her up. I tell her I arrived at the same time as my last visit. She goes on and on about how she has told me to come in the afternoon and how she just does not understand me. It was then that "little bobbygedd" whispered in my ear......I looked at her, smiled and told her she was "FIRED". I then walked over to the truck and billed her for her last cleanup and handed it to her. She stood there in shock and I told her the 5 minutes on this cleanup were on the house. :D

    2. I dumped all my leaves at the dump after the above job. I had a few errands to run around town and finally headed home. I was sitting at a red light when this old man pulls up next to me shaking his head. He then tells me that I am scattering leaves all over the damn road and I ought to be more considerate to others. I loook through my back window and my bed was empty just like it was hours ago. ;) I just started laughing and told him I would be sure to clean them all up during the night. He actually said "Thank You" and would give me a call sometime for work at his house. :dizzy:

    What the hell is going on....... 2 freaks in one day... :p

    I would just like to thank Bobby for some of the advice he has given on this site. Last year I would have let that lady yell at me and come back later and do the cleanup. Screw her and others who feel it is OK to yell at the "lawn boy" like some piece of chit. Now I just laugh and wave goodbye... :waving:
  2. lawnranger44

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    LOL i love bobbygedd stories. You did the right thing to that lady. No need to take any s#$%, especially if you have better customers to work for
  3. tiedeman

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    I should maybe try to scatter leaves all over the road, then I would get some work
  4. Aaron Marshall

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    I totally agree. This summer I worked for a guy and he made a comment about my girlfriend (who was helping me with this job), so I finished, charged him a little extra and when he wanted help the next time I told him that I wasn't interested anymore. When I have customers send me messages along with my payments such as " Quality of work you do? A+!" and "here is some extra money for college you do great work" who needs the a holes? Good call! Ha
  5. olderthandirt

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    He!! Bobby would have went back and sweet talked her into bed then got his cash for the 5 min. clean up, and burnt the house down afterwards. You need to pay more attention to what he's explaining :D

  6. Runner

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    And for taking her to bed, would've been invoiced as a "surcharge". :D
    Or in Bobby's case, should I say a "Sir charge". :p
  7. Duramax99

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    Bobby story's are the best
  8. bobbygedd

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    you guys are too funny. seriously though, you did good, real good. i bet, that this lady will call you back looking for more work. i've done it time and time again, walk out on them, act like you couldn't care less about them or thier patronage, and they come crawling back every time. there are good customers, treat them good, they treat u good. then there are bad customers, treat them like crap, and eventually they turn into good customers. bad customers are kind of like women, if you treat them good, and put up with thier crap, they walk all over you. but, if you treat them with no respect at all, take no crap from them at all, all of a sudden, they love you. i have countless stories of customers who didn't want to do it my way. i dumped them without so much as a phonecall. they call me 5 times a day for a month straight, i delete thier messeges without even listening to them, never call them back. eventually they start pleading and begging, i like this, now...they are eating out of the palm of my hand. all of you butt kissing little boys really need to start standing up to your clients, instead of bending over to them. this reminds me of a story. i'll post it
  9. chevyman1

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    just have to wonder how many are 'stories' and how many are legit sometimes. I've never heard some many idiocies comes from one company!
  10. Duramax99

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    You got to remember that it is New Jersey. Taking Bobby stories more for the entertainment value and how you can apply the moral to you own life or business.

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