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2 cycle break-in?


LawnSite Platinum Member
The dealer were I but my Shindaiwa equipment says that they run all new 2 cycle equipment at idle for 30 minutes to break it in. I've never heard of this. To me Shindaiwa equipment is already bullet-proof!


LawnSite Senior Member
I have not heard this either . Bogus I say . I have had 6 shindawas and no problems til they hit the third season.

Eric ELM

Husband, Father, Friend, Angel
Chicago, IL USA
I was told to run them at half speed for about 5 to 10 minutes and use a bit more oil the first batch you use in it. If you mix it out of a big bottle add a bit more oil, if you use the little bottles for for 2.5 gallon cans, just put in about 2 gallon of gas to make the first batch. I've broke them in both ways and I haven't noticed any difference.


LawnSite Senior Member
As a shindaiwa dealer i have never heard of it.I start them and run them up slow until app mid range, choke till they almost stall then run wide open,ive been selling them for three years and never had a problem,my tec service says it is the worst thing to run them a mid range due to the clutch as all of the clutches are set up in the L position and mid range will wipe them out faster than wide open ,asi have one customer with two t-230's and he proved it by runnug at mid range


LawnSite Bronze Member
Pittsburgh, Pa
I have never heard this. I have six 270's, hedge trimmers, back pack's, hand held, they are all Shindaiwa. I have never had a major problem with any of them. I do replace clutches every once and awhile, but thats too be expected. I still have a t-27 that runs better than some of my newer ones!! Nothing like the smell of a new shindaiwa.