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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by oldrustycars, Mar 29, 2006.

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    hi everyone, im new here. worked as a mechanic for 20 years, mostly in rental stores, and on construction equipment. now i do repairs on the side for a good friend's lawn business. anyway, he brought me a few older, seldom used Stihl machines. a blower, hedge trimmer,and a line trimmer. they mostly sit in his hot enclosed trailer as backups. all three have very soft fuel line...like overcooked pasta. i recall in the 90's when they first started putting ethenol in our gas the fuel lines did this. has this problem been solved with the current fuel lines? can i use bulk Tygon fuel line, or should i buy genuine Stihl? all machines run, but you must feather the throttle, and run on partial choke. im rebuilding the carbs, and cleaning out the tanks, although they were empty when i got them and i used fresh 50:1 mix. im assuming they are starving for fuel due to restricted lines. thanks, and im sure you'll see me around here now that ive found the site.
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    We use nothing but Tygon unless it's a special line then we order it in, If its standard line Tygon is fine we have had no problems.
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    Nope the Tygon line shrinks .....not good long term. It lets gas leak around the gas tank plugs on Echo. I switched to bulk Echo line...so I'll see how that does.
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    The fuel in my area will kill the "molded" Stihl fuel lines in less than one year-faster if the fuel is not kept fresh. Echo line lasts maybe two years. Tygon with a slightly larger o.d. than the echo seals the echo grommets indefinitely-meaning untill about the two year mark when the grommet rots.
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    Wonder why you have a problem with it and we don't.......:confused:

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