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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by Natural Impressions, May 11, 2006.

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    When mixing the smaller bottles of oil with 1 gallon of gas ( as instructed to do on bottle) it always seem to be a little to much oil for one gallon. I have even added a little extra gas at times. When I put straight gas into ......say...my backpack it always seems to run strong like it is cleaning itself out from all the build up of oil. Has anyone noticed this to? Is there a way to mix the oil/gas mixture instead of the 40:1 instructions?

    I know this is a stupid question...just curious
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    40 to 1 is really a strong mix. I have been using the full synthetic 2 stroke mix from Amsoil for over 20 years. I run it at 80 to 1 ratio in all my 2 stroke engines. They run cool with no smoke. I also run amsoil in all my mowers and vehicles. I change the oil in my cars and trucks every 30,000 miles or 1 year.
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    2 cycle engines need the oil to lubricate everything. they arent the most eficient engines, but fill a need where 4 cycle engines wont work. unless you like buying new equipment, use the correct oil/fuel mix the equipment calls for. i recall some older stuff calling for 32:1, while new stuff seems to all be 50:1. use the correct size oil for the ratio you need, and dont fool around with equipment that i assume is keeping a roof over your head.
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    it's your equipment and you $$$$$.do as you like. why would you want to do what the manufacturer recommends. heck, they probably just had some extra money laying around and needed a way to spend it, so they said "why do we just do some endurance testing to see what actually provides the longest life and the best performance in our machinery? not that anyone would actually do what we say, but it will keep us in a job."
    if you are worried about the mixtures being correct, pay very careful attention to the gas pump. i put a little gas in the can, add the oil, put a little gas in the oil bottle and shake, put that in the gas can, add the rest of the gas and shake the can. BE CAREFUL when you shake the can, as it will build pressure.
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    40/1 is not too rich. its what i run in all my equiptment. some calls for 32/1 and some 50/1 i split the differance and run one mix in everything . a good quality oil makes all the differance. amzoil is good stuff but mobil 1 2t racing is the best i have used yet
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    r2 cycle gas/oil mix for all equipment is not determined by the gas/oil ratio mentioned on the 2 cycle oil bottle. The ratio on the oil bottle is for the specific piece of equipment this oil was formulated for. Design engineers of 2 cycle equipment determine the gas/oil mix ratio for each specific engine and you will find the proper ratio in the owners manual for that machine. If you have several 2 cycle machines from different manufacturers, the gas/oil mix ratio may vary from one machine to the next. For proper mix for each machine check the owners manual for each. If you want your 2 cycle engines to perform to the max. & last their full life expectancy, then get your gas/oil mix correct for each machine. If it requires a gas can for each individual machine --- Well, That's the way it is.
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    1.6 oz. of oil to 1 gal. of gas = 80 to 1 ratio.......I have never known of any 2cycle engine manual that called for 1.6 oz oil to 1 gal of gas. (Very lean on the oil, and I don't think this ratio would lubricate very well.

    2.6 oz. of oil to 1 gal. of gas = 50 to 1 ratio
    3.2 oz. of oil to 1 gal. of gas = 40 to 1 ratio
    4.0 oz. of oil to 1 gal. of gas = 32 to 1 ratio
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    That is where the Tanaka Mix is Superior to other mixing oils.

    Perfect Mix Oil Features / Benefits

    Allows for use in ALL air-cooled, two-stroke engines.

    Prevents fuel in a unit or container from oxidizing or going stale for up to one year.

    Prevents spark plug fouling and carbon build-up.

    One gas can for multiple ratio units.......
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    good luck getting the idiots who work for you to remember which can goes with which machine!

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