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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by tacoma200, Dec 30, 2007.

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    Lot's of 2 cycle threads this Winter. I guess we are really bored but anyway my biggest complaint about 2 cycle oil is the smell. As you know I've been using up the last of my multi-purpose 2 cycle oil just because I have it on hand and will be switching over to pure 2 cycle oil eventually. I've never had any problems with the oil I use but have several complaints (mostly from family members) about the smell it leaves on my clothing. Can't go near the kids until I've cleaned up. So are there some oils that smoke less or smell better. I guess this sounds like an odd question but I work a lot of hours in the growing months and the idea that I smell like 2 cycle oil around my customers, family or at a restaurant while working often till dark is something that I would like to remedy (if possible). Anyone else have this complaint? Solutions?
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    Nobody here at home complains about the smell or smoke or noise or anything of the sort. Most of my clients are not home when I mow so no one even notices the smell. Unless necessary, I try to avoid having anyone in the vicinity of me until until I have taken a very cleansing shower and don dress clothes. If you have problems with your/family's other clothes smelling like smoke, take your lawn work clothes to the grungiest laundromat, because nobody would go there to wash good clothes anyway, to keep the family washer oils free.

    I personally run Klotz racing oil in my stuff because everything I have I modified and is needing high performance oils and it is just good oil.

    I would only run namebrand oils such as Stihl, Echo, Klotz, etc because they contain castor. Supertech, Goodlube, Ecoil, junk oils are the sludge deposits in the bottom of the barrels shipped over from the middle east is not good base stocks for oil in engines. I would be complaining more about the burnt piston and rings smell coming from my 300 trimmer because of cheap oil than the smell it leaves on the clothes.

    B/O , engine exhaust, gasoline, saw dust(smell among arborists:)) are all apart of the daily grind. Until the government finds and releases the anti-stench pill to the general population, there isn't much that can be done.

    Stay clean :usflag:

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