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2 Cycle Oil


LawnSite Senior Member
I have Redmax, Kawa, and Stihl handhelds and of course each Brand wants you to use their own oil. I can't possibly take the time to mix oil for three different brands. I need one brand of 2 cycle oil to use with all three different brands of equipment. What do you guys suggest? What works for you? Thanks!


LawnSite Member
Cincinnati OH
They will all work. I like Mobil-1 Racing 2T at $7 a quart you can't beat it.


LawnSite Bronze Member
Shreveport, La.
i use pennzoil synthetic blend, can usually find it for about 12$ a gallon.
i've been using it daily for 5 years with no problems.


LawnSite Member
I just looked up the opti-2 stuff and :eek: It says that no matter what the engine calls for I can run it at 100:1, do you guys actually do that? I have some older echo hc-160's that call for 32:1, but my trimmer and blower call for 50:1. Sure would be nice to run the same for all of them. I have trouble buying it, but if you guys say you do it without trouble, I'll give it a shot...