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I didn't know if I was the only one who thought of this or not. My dealer sells me 1 gal mix Shindaiwa oil for 42 cents per bottle, as long as I get a case. The Stihl is 83 cents for the 1 gal mix, regardless of how many I buy. 2 seasons ago I got 3 cases of the Shindaiwa. After I got it home I realized it was 40:1 and all my stuff was 50:1. At first I decided to take it back, but opened 2 of the plastic wrappers. I did some quick math and came up with the idea of using 1.25 gals of fuel instead of 1 gal. You still get a 50:1 mix, but a cheaper bottle goes further and saves me a few bucks. It may not matter much if you use 5 bottles a month, but big multi-crew outfits might be able to save a hunk of change. Let me know what you guys think.


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man the cheap compared to cols, ga the going rate for 2.5 gallon mix from stihl is about $1.76-$2.35 depening on who you buy it from...

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Delaer prices vary and they sell oil on what the market will pay. Also one dealer may have lower prices on Shi oil over Stihl oi lbecause he probably bought the Shi oil on a pallet quantity and the Stihl he does very little of. There is a big price reduction for buying by the pallet load.

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All of you are getting hosed! You can buy 1 gallon of Echo E.P.A. 2 cycle oil for $11.00 that will make 50 gallons of 2 cycle mix. It will take 20 of those little bottles at 84 cents a piece to make 50 gallons of mix. $11.00 vs. $16.40.

Kirk Kempen

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Be careful reducing the mix ratio of any 2-cycle oils. The maximum label ratio of 40:1 shouldn't be exceeded.
Higher quality oils, (especially synthetics), will allow higher ratios, but I would NOT suggest going beyond the mix ratio printed on the package. The slight savings may cost you a seized engine.

I've used Amsoil synthetic 2-cycle oil for the last 5 years, with great results. This is around $8 a quart, and can be mixed at ratios up to 100:1.
I do however, stay on the safe side, and mix a little richer than that. This oil burns very clean, and provides much better protection than non-synthetics.

If you check out the guys racing 2-cycle dirt bikes, they use only synthetics. It provides much longer engine life, through reduced friction, and cleaner burning.

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