2-cycle (or 4-cycle) equipment

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by gunner27, Apr 13, 2005.

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    How does it run after a winter off. What is your storage method? I just bought the echo mini tiller from one dealer and he told me to store it with no fuel in it. Went to a differant dealer to puchase a stihl 361 chainsaw and a fs110 trimmer and he told me to store them in the fall with a full tank since the new 2-cycle mix has stabilizer in it. I have tried both ways over the years and havent seen a differance. What is your experience so far?
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    I don't put my equipment up for the winter...never have. After the last job of the season, I but them in the garage. I pull them out in the spring with the old gas that was half full in the tank and everything. I start them up and go. Iv never had a problem ever. 2 cycle stuff and 4 cycle stuff......start em and go.
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    I usually leave the gas in mine and this year was the best ever, about every 2-4 weeks I would start them up and let them run for a few minutes. IT was like I never had stored them.
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