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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by grassmonkey0311, Oct 11, 2018.

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    We have had a few issues with it, but when they were found, they were nipped quickly. Overall, if you don't trust your employees to work, then you've failed to hire the right people. You have two choices-- fire or train. Good employees are hard to find and even harder to keep. Personally, we find that running a two-employee truck works well for us. Sometimes, I'm with them, I do make random pop-in's and sometimes I'm working with other employees on other jobs. So, I'd say, "Train them well, trust them, and act like you care, but be the owner." It's easy to lose a good employee by playing the power trip card. It's better to assert yourself, express the expectations and treat them like you care about them as people. They tend to stay and tend to look out for you. One may rise up and be your eyes and ears. Just my two cents.
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    WOW! Guy offers you solid advice in response to your post. He provided good info without belittling you. Instead of shutting him down you should have thanked him and the dug even deeper.
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    Obviously you don't know the past history between Ted and I. I was also looking to stay on topic and not derail. Overhead and salary remarks are totally irrelevant to the questions I was asking about.
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    That all happens too
    That’s part of “the buddy system”... around my shop it’s called “jail house mentality”
    Dude could spend half the day on his cell phone... will the other guy say something? Nope.
    Something breaks unexplicably in a way you can’t figure it out... neither one of them knows what happened.
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    Except you brought up overhead and salary in your own post.
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    That was irrelevant to my questions. It was brought up for clarity, not to give me insight on whats best...
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    The million dollar question is how do you stop it or maintain integrity?

    Years ago I had 2 guys in a truck, one quit because the other was lazy and on his phone all day.

    Another common theme was the blame game on missed trimming/blowing off and broken equipment.

    I want less drama, not more. But right now, the solo routes are creating a lot of drama.
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    Well that’s the thing

    IF you change the game (by paying salary) then the rules are different

    IF you play by the rules
    One of the ways to do it is to make the guys compete for responsibility

    Who wants the responsibility of coming in on time all the time?
    Who wants the responsibility of the properties looking like they should?
    Who’s going to take ownership of the equipment and the route?
    Who’s the guy who’s going to step up?
    THAT guy gets more pay

    You ALL get 12/hr
    The ones who take responsibility get $4/hr extra as a bonus at the end of the week.

    There’s only ONE spot per route.
    You don’t show?
    No bonus and I’ll give another guy a shot
    You want your spot at the top back? You need to wait til one opens up.

    (If 16/hr isn’t enough in your area make it 18... whatever is enough to draw attention to that position)

    People who want it will work for it and will protect the spot by showing up.
    If you abandon the position or point fingers.... who wants a big bonus next week?
    Ok, it’s your turn champ!

    It’s the summer
    Yours talking 30 weeks maybe less
    They can’t be consistent for 30 weeks?
    What job anywhere will pay someone $18/hr to put up with that BS... maybe union because the employee is protected.

    The basic idea is pay is based on performance WEEK to WEEK.
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    I get what your saying, my call off policy is pretty strict as it is. I'm talking more on a 1 time case. For example, this past week an employee couldn't make it to work. It's very rare for him, but in that case if he had a helper, what would the helper do if he doesn't have a drivers license? Be told not to come in?
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    So that’s the catch
    Do not hire anyone without a drivers license
    I run 40 plus employees in the thick of the season,
    I can’t tell you how many times hiring guys with no drovers license screws me
    I e literally had days almost every driver didn’t show and I had a sea of non drivers

    You learn not to do it

    Our company has a truck called the baby sitter
    It’s so you can get all the non drivers to jobs (four door with bench seats)
    It’s not used like that anymore
    But it was literally purchased back in 02 with that in mind!

    No DL
    no job

    Thick about it this way
    If the guy is not responsible enough to maintain a DL(doesn’t matter the reason) ... something they trust 16 year old kids to do.
    Do you really want to trust him with your customers and company reputation?
    Never mind mowing equipment that costs more than most employees personal cars do?

    Having a DL is a minimum requirement showing you have a BASE level of responsibility/accountability k
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