2 foot tall grass and an old customer be cautious!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by thartz, Aug 9, 2003.

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    I'm writing this as a lesson to myself and others.I took on a lawn that I had a season ago.The former LCO had done a terrible job.My crew weedeated through a 2 months of brush around the building.One of the guys accidently hit an exposed wire leading into the air conditioner unit (it was covered by 2 feet of grass).The client calls me and says we should cover the cost to replace the cable.I'm really ticked since the grass was so high and I didn't make them sign a waiver stating we would not be responsible for hidden damage (take this as free advice).So now we may have to cover a hidden expense due to my lack of business prowless.Always get a written agreement before starting work;I was an ----- and as long as I have been doing this I should have known better.You guys be careful.Don't be overanxiuos trying to please a client that you forget to follow up on simple business practices.I can't believe I messed up like this:don't do the same.
  2. Thanks, good advice. Once someone lets me go, for whatever reason, coming back is going to be expensive. Man, 2 1/2' tall grass, that's REALLY going to be expensive!
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    Tell him you are not liable for damage done under unsafe, hazardous conditions. There should be no "exposed" wiring. It should all be in conduit. Tell him in fact he's lucky the worker wasn't injured by this unsafe, negligent, hazardous condition and you feel it your duty to call the local building dept to have them inspect the whole property to protect your workers from further risk working on his property.

    Let me know what he says then.
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    I have to admit it parkwest that is a good way to tell them
  5. LOL, excelent!
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    thartz--in the realm of I did it, I didn't do it, and dammitIdidnt see it...take the advice of those before me. not your problemo!
  7. GLAN

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    ^ that has been our standard practice
  8. awm

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    are u real sure your helper isn t suffering, from residual effects, of hitting this well hidden hazard,that he hit, with no warning from the property owner.
    umm this could get expensive.
    i work pt time with an insurance adjuster. we deal with this stuff all the time. up to a certain level of money involved ,some insurance companies just pay the claim rather than pay the expenses of dealing with it.
    i think the world is sue happy so im not encourageing this action . just giving u something to think about ...in case the guy won t drop it.
    ps sad to say but big money got big power in these type issues..so be fore warned..
  9. wojo23323

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    I've hit wires on one A/C unit before. I told the customer, then fixed them myself with a few enviormental splices.
  10. The Lawn Boy Pro

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    Parkwest is right. My dads an electrician (and has been for 37 years now) and he says its against electrical code for that very reason (not just string trimmers, but racoons and other animals nawing on it. It SHOULD be in conduit. You might just have a good court case there!

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