2 Maintainence Foremen Needed, Bergen County NJ

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    Need to fill these positions as of March 1 2009. We are seeking expierienced foremen/women. Pay will be in line with expirience and demostarted ability. Must be able to drive truck with a trailer, have some commercial plowing expierience and be fit enough to work long days and obtain a DOT health card. Bi-lingual eng/spanish a definite plus. We are a forward looking company with a solid parent company which has us in a unique position to grow this season, we ran 2.5 crews last season and have secured enough new work to add one crew already. 99 percent of our work is commercial or institutional, thus we are somewhat insulated from the economic trouble that contractors who have a more residential focus are seeing. We will not be going anywhere, except ahead of the competition. We are seeking only motivated and dedicated individuals who understand the business and who are leaders and problem solvers, hourly or salary is negotiable, health benefits are availible. I garuntee you that you have never worked anywhere like this before. You will be treated with respect, you will be more than a body to this company, if you demonstrate drive, motivation and loyalty you will be rewarded with professional and personal growth. The management is the ownership, we are very hands on and will do whatever it takes to deliver the promise we make to our employees and clients. Not one manager will ask you to do something that they won't do or haven't done before. It is truly a unique place to work, it is a very comfortable family type atmosphere. The most amazing part is the one I was most skeptical of coming in, the company succeeds because the emphasis is on doing the right thing at every turn, if someone drops the ball there are 5 people ready to pick it up, thus it never hits the ground. If you want to earn what you're worth and be treated like a professional send a PM and I will give you an email address to send over a resume. This is currently a seasonal position, however assuming our snow division continues to grow as it has this season it will be a year round position going into 2010.

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