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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by firefightergw, Apr 26, 2006.

  1. firefightergw

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    Got a question on the method you guys use for your two man crews. What is the work lay out? I line trim and edge while my helper mows. Whoever finishes first starts blowing. I have found that I should add another blower because invariably one of us is usually in the truck waiting while the other finishes blowing. What is your method on how you split up duties?

    HOOLIE LawnSite Gold Member
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    My employee is still learning, right now he just mows and blows (can even start the blower without my help :) ) So right now I still cut at least some of each lawn, sometimes just around the perimeter and house to make the trimming easier on me. But yeah in a couple weeks he'll be doing most of the cutting while I do the trimming, edging and blowing.

    I have an old handheld blower that I bring along to help...he's good with the blower though, a lot of new guys just wander around aimlessly with it and turn a 2 minute job into a 10 minute half-azzed job...
  3. pitbullguy

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    Well I'm a part of a two man team,so this is the way we get things done. Most of the time I will use the 52" mower in the front while my dad is useing the 32" mower on the back, who ever is done first will pick up a trimmer and start trimming then the other will start, so there is two men on the trimmers. Then after that we each grab a blower and blow things off. It's best to have two of every thing in a two man setup.
  4. willretire@40

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    I always think that you should trim first so that you will cutting up all the clippings when u mow.
  5. SOMM

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    under a 1/3 acre 1 mower, and 1 trimmer/blower.

    more acreage - everyone on the mowers first. first 2 done trim/ trim mow. two blowers if needed to distribute big amounts of lawn clippings if the lawns have gotten away from you for a few weeks between too much rain.
  6. J&L-lawncare

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    This is the routine I used last season #1 rides mower, #2 grabs edger, then trimms, if #1 gets done before trimming completed he grabs 2nd trimmer. or he uses the blower. I found that this works well.:usflag:
  7. DJ Contracting

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    This has worked for us, you just have to make sure you trim far enough away from objects, it seemed to save anywhere from 5-7 min per account
    however I also need to invest in a second blower and save more time.
  8. jazak

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    Send a guy out with the trimmer right away to the back yard, then the second guy mows the front first and then goes to the back while the first guy with trimmer then comes up front does the trimming then blows off the driveway and walkway.
  9. ProStreetCamaro

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    My father and I both cut at the same time. Me with the big ZTR and him on the 34Z. He cuts the smaller areas and who ever gets done first starts trimming the FRONT then moves to the back. Just about the time the front is trimmed the second person is finishing cutting and grabs the blower. It all depends on how many lawns in one spot you have also. We have clusters of lawns of 2+ every where we go. We have from 2 in one spot to 8+ in one spot. In those areas we both grab trimmers when we finish cutting our areas then both blow off.
  10. Every site's so different for us. Some have acres of lawn while others are lots so small we use nothing bigger than the WB . My goal at any site is for both of us to finish at the same time. We just keep a heads up on the job as to what the other one is doing. If one of us is finishing faster, they'll start on the other person's work. We just keep alert so we don't work ourselves into a situation where there's nothing left to do except run the (one) trimmer.

    We always get back to the truck within a minute of each other. Unless I get gabbing with a customer and throw us off of the pace.


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