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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by dmk395, Jun 14, 2001.

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    What is a healthy gross income for a 2 man residential lawn mowing crew over 8 hours, start to finish, including 30minute lunch break and 30 minutes to load and unload the truck. Lets figure actually 7 hours of mowing and driving time. Also this crew is running to 48" wb with very few gated yards which need a 21" What do you all shoot for?
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    In a rural area in the center of the county $400 might be good.

    On the East Coast $700 might be more reasonable.

    Who mows for only 8 hours anyway?
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    bout 600 i would say for an 8 hr day. you should make at least that. but i shoot for if i bid a large property about 75 per hour for 2 guys. so if you got 4 guys cutting it should be 150 per hour. however you can also do it by the acre. with that it is as many acres as you can cut in 8 hrs. so if you got a lot with 2 acres and another place with 2 acres right next to it, then that is at 80 per acre 320 for one stop. that is 2 ways i price things. is either by the acre, or by the hour.

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