2 man op's when 1 can't work

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Smitty58, Apr 1, 2004.

  1. Smitty58

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    For those of you who are a 2 man show what do you do when 1 guy can't be there. Do you wait until both can make it or go it alone? If you are a 50-50 split and 1 can't make it does the 1 who is not there get anything or does the 1 working get 100%.
    This seems like a dumb question I know ,but trying to head off any problems before they come up (I know they will).
  2. Exess100

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    That is an interesting question. Cant wait to see what guys have to say about this. I am just starting out and im doing this biz with my brother. As of right now we r putting most of the money into the biz but later on maybe we would do a 60/40 split. It's my bro so i dont think its gonna be that big of a deal to figuar out. I guess it depends who u r working with. Good Luck
  3. mjensen

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    Currently 25% is keep for the business and the rest goes to pay out. If someone goes solo the 25% is pulled out and the rest is payout to the one person or to a back up person.
  4. Utah Lawn Care

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    If it's not an outrageously big day I will tell the employee to put in a long day and see if he can get it done. If there is no way that's possible I can either mow what's left on the evening, or join them for the whole day. I have a full time job so I take vacation days a few times during the year when necessary. The employees get paid by the hour.
  5. Lawntkd

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    I was wondering what guys do in that situation to. If I take on more work than I can do by myself and get an employee what happens if he just up and quits or can't make it that day or a couple days? Seems like I'd be screwed pretty quick. It's probably pretty easy to find a replacement though.
  6. Kelly's Landscaping

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    Motivation will be the biggest issue. It's hard to want to work by yourself when your use to having someone there. It's also hard to want to work all day and produce less than your typically use to doing in a day. Then someday you got no choice and you not only do 50% of the normal days work but your doing 80% and you suddenly realize the 2nd guy has very little worth too you other than a paid friend. That was pretty much the point when my partner and I fired our employees and became a 2 man show that work separately on lawns and fertilizer and trimming shrubs and only pool our resources for mulch and clean ups. Has all the benefits of having someone to help you with the hard stuff and all the benefits of being the most efficient set up there is.

    Now if you were asking is it fair that one guy took the day off and still gets a % of the income. Well then no its not fair but it is inevitable it will happen from both sides and as long as its kept to a minimum your get over it. And if you can't then having a partner isn't something your mature enough to have.
  7. bigbjz

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    You need to spell out all of the payment aspects with your partner before you start. I had a partner for a while, we were a very small, side operation. We were to work 50/50 and split the money 50/50. He started subbing his part out to relatives dirt cheap. Then I had to coordinate with someone else on mowing times, managing, hauling, maintaining all equipment, and working with someone that was working for almost free. I was doing way more that 50% of the work. That was the end of the partnership for me.

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