2 new sales guys start monday.

Discussion in 'Christmas Trees & Seasonal' started by David Gretzmier, Jul 30, 2009.

  1. David Gretzmier

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    I am trying out sales people again this year in an attempt to continue expanding our commercial sales in Christmas Lights. I'll keep you guys posted in how this works, as last years experiment with a new guy failed. This year I am going with one guy who has experience in door to door cold caling, and one guy who worked for me last year in sales and was my shop manager. 10% commission, cold calling, and I provide literature. I'll try to update this thread weekly.
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    Good luck Dave!!
  3. turf hokie

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    Keep us updated. I am very interested in how it works out. I wont need a sales guy this year. but my business plan shows I would possibly need one next season.

    Good luck. One of them should work out.....
  4. David Gretzmier

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    I am hoping they allow us to break through the 40 new customer ceiling I have been at the past few years. Since I have done all the sales, managing and most of the paperwork, collecting, etc, by sending out guys to go after the commercial market, i am hoping that the next 45 days ( sept 15 is our normal start install date.) lead to perhaps an additional 20 plus jobs I would not have gotten normally in that time frame. After that, maybe the sales guys can pull in another 20 jobs between sept 15-Oct.31. we'll see.
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    Definately keep me updated.
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  6. David Gretzmier

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    Have gotten thier sales kits together, and Polo shirts will be ready on Friday next week. I'll let them wear some of my logo shirts til then. I wish I had more copies of the new catalog, I only have 6, It will be here in bulk around Aug. 15.
  7. David Gretzmier

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    A quick update. -

    gotta tell you, you can write it down. you can lead a horse to water...but you can't make them drink.

    Day one, monday. - both sales guys "start" one full time, one part time. The part time guy has a job in the mornings from 3 am to around 12am-1pm. he said he was dedicated to 1pm to 5pm. Both have uniforms, sales kits, and training to meet and greet folks. After going through an initial walk through, the full time guy on monday seemed excited, but then "had other things to do". he said he was going to visit 30 business that day after he ran some "errands". I should have stopped him, but I am mr. laid back. I said ok. He calls me at 3 pm or so, said his errands got out of hand, and would start tuesday morning. ok, fine. I repeat to be successful in this business, you need to visit at least 40 business a day. you can tell in 1-3 minutes if a lead is cold or warm, and you either work it or move on. called part time guy, Part time guy never calls me.

    Day 2, tuesday. meet with full time guy, charge him up and encourage him like a kindergarden kid on first day. he starts at 9:30. never hear from him until wed. morning at about 11 am. I'm concerned. he was supposed to call me at the end of the day. part time guy does not call back. decide to leave ad in paper for another few weeks.

    Day 3. part time guy calls back. he has been busy. when pressed, he has gotten off his other job at noon and 1pm, but has other things to do. he still says he wants to do this, but actions speak louder than words. Full time guy calls and wants to bring in his stuff and quit. the heat is bothering him, he feels like a failure. he says he has visited 15 businesses, but I have not seen the paperwork. He even says he only worked about 2 hours. I talk to him about numbers and how cold calling is hard, which is strange because he cold called at his last job by visiting folks at home for chemical lawn care. he said he knows, etc, he's low on gas and needs money, money, money. I agree to help him out with gas, but he acts like he does not want it. he says he'll give it another shot ( wednesday ) but I sense he is already done after 2 hours.

    Day 4. that is today. 7:30 am. Although I have not found out what full time guy did yesterday, prediction- both of these guys seemed excited about the job, both are outgoing, friendly, sales guys who have done sales before on straight commission. Both will fail because of absolute lack of effort on thier part and lack of a forceful boss ( me ), who does not make them start and work at a certain time. Giving people freedom is a bad idea. I have got to treat this like a regular job, make folks clock in, and make folks work regular hours. Otherwise, given the choice, people will find any reason not to work. sad.
  8. turf hokie

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    Ahhh, I was afraid of this. This is similar to what happened when I made the offer to a friend of mine. They only want the guaranteed income. Especially this time of year because they dont think that anyone is going to be interested in Holiday lights now so they are just going to be wasting their time.

    I offered my friend a straight 10% commission. I even told him I would take him with me the first couple of days, and I would still give him the 10% off anything sold. He would need to cold call businessess, but I would also schedule him first on the calls into the office and I would take the overflow.

    First day he is supposed to show up, I have 5 appointments scheduled. Start off easy. He does not show, says he has some errands to do, sounds familiar David. So I go out and sell 3 of the 5 jobs, call him up and tell him he just lost out on almost $700 in commission on the first day. My wife is friends with his wife, well wife is p-o'd because he sat around the house all day....

    I give him another chance, the following day, but tell him I only have 2 appointments scheduled we will need to do some cold calling so there is inherently less potential. He tells me he would rather get paid hourly as that is guranteed.....no thanks, last thing I need is an hourly salesman wasting my time.

    A buddy of mine got lucky and found a great saleswoman, he broght her on and she sold $230,000 in her first season. cold calling as well as taking the office appointments. She almost doubled his business in one year.

    Good luck with the hunt, they are hard to find, but the are out there.
  9. David Gretzmier

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    I often wonder if great sales folks are made or found. The guy I bought a kirby vacuum from, that guy was awesome and probably made tons of money. I need the same type of person that will go after it like you can make money at this.

    I spoken with a few folks who have called, I am trying to really screen them on the phone.
  10. turf hokie

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    I think they come with some assembly required. I think the bulk of it is just personality, ambition and just a knack for it that simply requires a bit of fine tuning and experience.

    Many people I have run into, are simply square pegs in round holes when it comes to sales.

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