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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by Mr Distinctive, Jul 2, 2002.

  1. m&m

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    if ya can afford it, get it...........like he said, if ya need it you have it.......i wont be without 4x4

    it only gets those in trouble in snow cause they dont know what they are doing......they dont deserve to have a 4x4...lol
  2. Alan

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    My one experience with pickups in Fl made me a firm believer that 4wd is just as handy there as it is up north. I was visiting friends in Sebring and on the way home, US 27 about 10 miles south of Lake Wales I pulled truck and trailer off the road to look up a phone number. Typical FL sand once you left the pavement and I would still be there if I hadn't had a Traction Enhancement Lever to pull. I used to run 2wd up in Vermont, but after owning my first 4wd back in 72 I have not been without one since.
  3. corban

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    I also do residential work. I just recently bought my first 4x4 and I love it. It really opens up a lot of options. Ex: If you ever need to pull out shrubs, if a friend (or yourself) is stuck in a ditch, if you have to drive on someones wet lawn, offroad fun, ground clearance, pulling a trailer in the rain, etc. Not to mention it is just plain embarassing to be a lawn guy and be stuck in the mud. Before getting 4x4 I got stuck on a steep intersection in the rain, got stuck in a customers driveway when cleaning up ice storm tree damage, pulled over to help someone out of a ditch and got myself stuck, etc. A 2 wheel drive truck is like having a trimmer with two openings for string but only using one. It'll work for some stuff, but is definitely needed for other times. It really is not that much more money anyway. Adding 4x4 is about 5% more costly and about 40% more useful.

    Also, good tires can make a huge difference in performance and looks of a truck. I recommed the Goodyear "Work Horse", which will greatly improve a 2 wheel drive's performance.
  4. cat320

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    The advalanche is an over priced toy nobody wanting to do any real landcaping work should really buy it.In my opinion it's the uglyest truck chevy had made yet including the 2003 pick ups.
  5. hustlers

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    my 2wd toyota could go through anything these ford 4*4
    could go through.
    I also got a 4wd and used it 3 times in 4 years and paid an
    extra 3K for it that adds up to $1000 per towing

    I should have got a tow truck for 50 bucks the 3 times
    and saved $2850
    go with 2wd
  6. Nomoslowmow

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    I got a 4X4 mainly for trips to the land fill. Rain combined with freshly moved fill combined with big truck traffic combined with a fully loaded trailer makes for a scary pull to the top of the hill! Then try to turn around and back up to unload!

    If no dump trips, I would have a 2WD.


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