2-Part Question: Removing English IVY and Growing Grass

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by rjeffers, Sep 6, 2007.

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    Hey guys,

    First let me say this site is great and has helped me, a lawn neophyte, out tremendously thus far.

    Here is my next delimma. I have a bankyard that's full with Ivy and I plan to remove it the next couple weekends. So far I've been doing the ole struggle and pull method for removal. I tried the round up but it sucked. And because I have so much of it, I'd be buying expensive round up for weeks.

    1st question: Are there any mechanical tools/machines I can use to pull ivy? If not, that's fine. Even though the labor intensive, I can handle pulling the stuff up.

    2nd question: I want to grow grass in its place. Is that possible and if so, what do I need to do to grow grass and prevent the ivy and other weeds from poping up (lots of weeds have popped up in areas where i removed ivy and did nothing with it).

    I'm in Maryland. Is this the right time to start planting grass seed?
  2. Marcos

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    Well, first of all, it sounds like you're REALLY into self-abuse and torture! A lot of folks I know would love to have their weekly mowings eliminated by having an ivy covered yard! But to each their own. Can you send a picture or two?
    I'm assuming that there's a fair amount of shade prevalent. To address some of your questions: There's a positive corelation between the rate (oz. / gallon) that the Roundup mixes and how well the vine is established, or the size of the ivy vine's 'root'. (Hopefully you're not buying 18% or less Roundup, you're getting ripped off- Look at the label- You can get higher % Roundup at a 'Tractor Supply' or feed store) I think that you could still use Roundup now, at whatever rate is deemed proper, and still effectively have time to kill out your ivy this fall. The problem is, you probably started a couple weeks too late to get this part of the ivy killing done so that you'd have enough time (3-4 weeks?) to get the grass seed to germinate, grow, and hopefully get mowed once or so before the frosts slow things down. I'm not saying you still can't do it, 'cause I'm no weatherman in Maryland. Professionals throw the dice when it comes to seeding all over the country all the time year 'round. That's your call. To answer your question about keeping the ivy out, that's easy;the best weed control in turf is THICK turf establishment. (If that doesn't work, selective herbicides can be used next spring that won't hurt your grass ) Let the Roundup do it's job. Then, in your instance, at this point in time, I'd recommend a blend with at least a fair % of ryegrass for this late in the season. Send pics or more descriptions, and maybe that'll help give us a clue for more recommendations.
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    As stated above do a couple apps of round up at the maximum approved level. If you don't get all of the root in trying to remove the ivy, IT WILL COME BACK!

    After you have completed your last spray, give it a weeks time then top dress the area and seed. Water regularly (keep the seed evenly moist) and watch the grass grow!

    Be sure to thank me too next year when you are cutting the grass in steamy July

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