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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by iTom, Apr 20, 2013.

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    I have 2 problems with my yard that I need some pros to help me with.

    Here is the first problem. There is a lot of blue stone that runs through my property. This is a very hard, dark blue stone that is almost impossible to break up effectively without blasting. It was a real hassle building the house in the first place. Even a huge excavator with the proper bit had a hard time getting through it. Right in my backyard there is a piece of blue stone that runs underground through the property. Most of it is hidden underground but this one spot sticks up about 4 inches above the grass and is about a foot in diameter. The only effective way to remove it, believe it or not, I have found to use a hammer and a chisel. It is slow and tedious but it breaks up the rock. Jackhammers break and bounce off the rock and I can't blast since the house is already up. It's basically this annoying piece of ledge in the middle of the yard. Any ideas?

    My second problem is this. When the lawn guys put in the irrigation system, they for whatever reason did not put any sprinklers in the sidewalk. I need some sprinklers there. The nearest zone has 4 heads in it and according to my estimations it would take about 7 more heads to cover the sidewalk grass. Is that too many for one zone? The first 4 are spray heads by the way. If that is too many, I would have to run a hose about 270 degrees around the house and dig a trench under the driveway and sidewalk to get there as there are 2 segments of sidewalk grass. The valve box is placed in the most inconvenient place possible. (Isn't it always? :laugh:) Is there a way to split that one zone into 2 separate zones using another valve to avoid digging a whole new trench? I think I would then need to run a wire from that valve to the clock (Also inconveniently placed)

    Thanks for the help!
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    You might try a rotary hammer to drill holes in the rock. It might be easier to break it up with holes in it.
    With the irrigation the easiest way to tell if you have the needed water flow is to remove one spray head from the zone and temporarily connect 8 heads in it's place. Won't be perfect, but it will give you an idea how well it will work with 11 heads. There are reduced flow heads available if needed.
    It sounds like your installer ran pipe from the valves to each zone. I don't know of much you can do about adding a zone beyond the valve. If I understood wrong and the valve is near the heads you could convert to a 2 wire system, but it would be cheaper to run a new pipe.
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    Make the rock a focal point with a little landscaping. Don't fight mother natures natural beauty in the rough.

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