2 pumps + Perma Green ride-on???

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by americanlawn, Apr 27, 2007.

  1. americanlawn

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    Has anyone installed a 2nd pump (Shurflo) on their Perma Green ride-on???

    We have tried "everything in the book" in order to create more spray volume on our PG units, but with very minimal results.

    Currently, we kill dandelions, but that's about it.

    Our problem is small-leafed weeds such as clover, chickweed, ground ivy, violets, speedwell, spurge, purslane, knotweed, etc. Our Perma Green units cannot kill them. Heck, even Rugel's plantain is iffy.

    Now I am considering using TWO Shurflo pumps on each unit???

    Here's the nuts & bolts: We can obviously see the "spittiing" of liquid on dry concrete with out PG units. It shows one-inch spots of dry concrete (no "complete coverage").

    I know it does not take a rocket scientist to figure this out.
    Heck- even the "labels" call for 'complete coverage'.

    I have talked to the Perma Green guys. They "empathize" with me, as they have no solution, and they see a need for improvement.

    Reading between the lines....I truly beleive that even Perma Green acknowledges the lack of weed control problem.

    Any suggestions? (if you intend to scold me for what my results have been, please do not bother, cuz I know what I hear from my customers).

    Bottom line: I need to know if my PG units are worth Ni__er-rigging to make them kill weeds (two pumps). Otherwise........I'm gunna dump 'em and go for something else.

    rscvp, Thanks very much.
  2. Nathan Robinson

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    just mix your herbicide at a higher rate since your spraying in such a low volume. I have used both the perma green ultra and magnum in the past and they worked well. The magnum has a 12 gallon tank so if you were mixing 1 ounce per k you should be mixing 60 ounces of herbicide in that tank. There is a slow speed on that perma green and that will allow you to spray more but will take slightly longer... Are you sure your sprayers are working right?
  3. heritage

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    Try this before you try 2 Pumps, and or give up on your perma green.

    www.Rittenhouse.ca Turbo TeeJet Wide Angle Spray Tips. Part # TT11003 (Blue)

    I use these with Contact Fungicides with my Centuri, on the Lower Nozzles, and Twist the Nozzle Bodies so they are pointing/spraying about a foot in front of the machene. Many Many more droplets per inch. The only drawback is more/smaller droplets mean a bit more drift Potential. (Don't bother with the Air Induction nozzles as the trade off is less drops per inch, for less drift.) You will also have a pattern about 6-7 feet wide insted of 8-9 feet, so re calibrate. I'm goin' like 28K per 8 gal insted of 32-34K with the stock grey floodjets in high gear.

    If you have the Centuri, you also have the nice feature of upper and lower nozzles, and could have the Turbo TeeJets on the top L side for edging against walks and driveways, and then switch to the lower nozzles for the rest.

    Give this a try as w/ shipping it's less than $20 total and you will have the nozzles in 2-3 Days.

    Happy Spraying,

  4. americanlawn

    americanlawn LawnSite Fanatic
    from midwest
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    Yep......We installed a 1.8 Shurflow too. Seeing a one inch spot with no liquid seems like a "no brainer' to us. Plus.....our customers call and tell us.

    Thanks for your help. Our problem is/has been: weeds that do not receive liquid on top of them.
  5. profigala

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    i just point the nozzles down a slight bit from the recommended angle recalibrate and use a little more overlap and i have since then almost 2 years ago never had a problem getting great control of any weed. With the Magnum spray pattern, overlap is the key, just calibrate properly and it does great. Also, Surge has been a great addition to our weed control program, it has worked extremely well for us.
  6. profigala

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    Also, i know this was in a different thread, but we make our passes back and fourth and have never had a stripping problem, also makes it easier to overlap properly.
  7. vegomatic40

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    Limited volume is the reason I dumped my PG Magnum and went with the Lesco HPS (actually bought 2 with the procedes). The HPS doesn't spray but neither did the PG. Simply mixing products "at a higher rate" doesn't sound like a responsible solution to the problem as I tend to stay within the limits of a given label for a product, others may argue that the label is just there for decoration. Many herbicides and practically all fungicides demand a higher volume of diluted spray for adequate coverage/control. Hopefully PG will resolve this issue soon as it appears to be a common complaint with their units. In the mean time, if it becomes necessary to apply the products at a higher volume, I suggest using a skid-sprayer. Re-engineering a machine and hoping for good results could potentially cost me dearly as I'm pretty sure that my customers would not understand this as some kind of excuse.
  8. philk17088

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    I use surfactant at label rates and coverage is fine.
  9. sclawndr

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    I think what some of the posts meant about higher rates was that you should be applying at the higher end of the label rate in the spring. Lesco 3 way for instance has a label rate of 1.0 oz to 1.5 oz per thousand SF. The 1.5 rate with a surfactant works very well in my Magnum. Use the lower rate in the summer and fall. And it helps to remember that it's harder to kill weeds in the spring for a number of reasons unrelated to the machine you're using - too much rain, mowed off too quickly, colder temps, etc.
  10. americanlawn

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    Thanks all. I like Vegomatic40's response the best for my situation.

    I also asked our local land grant university, and they agree too.

    Very soon, I plan to remove the 1.8 gpm shurflo, and go back to the 1.0 gpm Shurflo that came with the unit (PG Ultra).

    Not just one Shurflo pump, but two (one feeding each nozzle).

    I don't know if we'll be able to figure it out, but we're gunna give it one hell of a try.

    If this works, I'll post on this site.

    We always run PG's in high gear. If we had to run in low gear, it would be faster to hand spray properties with expensive non-burning liquid fertilizers plus broadleaf weed controls.
    But I do not like the price of liquid Dimension if we're talkin' March through mid May here in the Midwest.

    If we can use LESCO's Dimension w/fert (granules) + liquid herbicide out of a ride-on, we're makin' money.

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