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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by roberthathaway7, Jun 22, 2014.

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    Today I was putting down some medium Wabash gravel over 2 types of areas at a house. One was where they already had the gravel, and just wanted more layered on top. E-z P-z.
    The next was a mulched raised bed that was bordered partially by the concrete of their driveway, and the rest of the way around with edging stone that was level with the ground. I dug out a footer space for my gravel on the inside of the stone and the concrete so the rock wouldn't slide out so bad. I hates me some raised bed with rock because of the landslide effect. I left the mulch under the weed barrier mat I put down in hopes that the rock could "indent" into it and hold more firm possibly. At one point though, I threw a couple shovels of rock onto a spot that I forgot to mat, and had to scrape it away. Then, as I was about to start picking all the smaller rocks out of the mulch, I thought to myself hmmm...

    ***I wonder if on a raised bed, if it would help to thinly scatter a little gravel over the top of the dirt BEFORE putting mat material down, as to create a surface on the top of the weed barrier mat for the rock to lock into, creating a less likely "landslide" effect? I hope that makes sense. I think the gravel put on the dirt would press into the dirt holding it, yet interlock with the gravel on top of the mat to hold it in place better. Any thoughts, positive or negative?

    ****also- While we're on the subject... does anyone ever clean landscape gravel? Seems to me that a person could spray a bleach/detergent solution and a light pressure washing and magically clean dingy old landscape gravel, if it's heavy enough. Should be plant safe using the same proper precautions as when house washing. It seems win-win could be quite profitable. Charge $200 to clean in 2-3 hours rather than them spending $500 on new material alone plus my back breaking labor
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    A slope bed Before putting mat down I will make ledges in the dirt So once the rock is installed You wont get the landslide effect

    If look at the bed before the rock the weed mat will look wavy
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    ah yes, great idea, thanks

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