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Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by shovelracer, Apr 29, 2007.

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    I am looking at switching suppliers due to the lack of quality control of my existing supplier. I want to start using Techno Bloc company. I was looking at the creta stone and have two questions. 1) what cap fits these best when making stairs? I see some that will allow for a 13.75" tread. 2) When making stairs similar to the diagram are you using just another creta stone behind the face? Lets say it would be for outside corner on one end and inside corner on the other. Does it have some issues with getting a tight flush fit? What is the proper way to build when placing the next step off and behind the one below it? Thanks

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    The best step for them is the Antique step, it gives the larger tread. You can also use the aged cap or bullnose and have a 12" tread. If you build using the pedestal method, your risers will be equal and your stairs will be one consistent unit. If you use Creta at 5" you may create a step with an 8" riser, which many will find to be to high or uncomfortable outdoors. Check out the mini creta plus with 3" & 6" pieces, allowing a 6" riser which is easier to navigate in the rain, dark or other outdoor elements.

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    I wouldn't do anything with a 5" rise... thats a trip hazzard. 6" is okay for walkway steps and backyards. Front entrances should be 8", although I've done quite a few in 6" and it hasn't been a issue until recently. (meet up with a building inspector) 8" will also allow you to use less material and get you to finish grade quicker.

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