2 Sided Postcards, What to do?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by studentlawn, Feb 11, 2005.

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    I am in the process of getting a getting a two sided 5 x 7 post card designed for distribution this spring. We will be dropping these, not mailing them. My company offers lawn maintenance services, but we picked up landscaping as it came here and there. I am debating, whether I should advertise landscaping this year or not?... My knowledge is limited, so I would be selective in which landscaping jobs I pick up. So far I only have one truck, and I already have enough maintenance clients that it will be running 3 full days.

    I am obviously using the front side of the postcard to advertise lawn maintenance. I have coupons for Fertilizing Apps, Aeration, and Cleanups on the front. But I am not sure what to do with the back....

    I see three options for the back

    A) I could use the front to just promote my Maintenance plan and my contact information, and then use the back to promote "Turf Enhancing" services such as fertilizing, aeration, and cleanups...
    B) I can use the back to put some type of funny memorable comment. The other day I saw a designer from designoutpost design a backside to a card that looked like a letter written from the customer saying "Landscapers, I am out back playing with the kids". I really like that.
    C) I could advertise landscaping projects on the back. This option seems very tempting because I get the backside anyways, but I have never advertised landscaping, and don't want to get to unfocused.

    I am debating, so it would be nice to hear some opinions.

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    Hi studentlawn,

    Here is another postcard back idea. You can download it from here and change it to meet your needs.


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