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Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by Mike33, May 1, 2006.

  1. Mike33

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    Ive been in business for 11 years doing new yard installs, srw, misc. bobcat work. I currently own a 02 bobcat 185, 709 hoe attm., 5a landscape rake, pallet fork, and tilt tach. My company is a 2 man operation and we produce a lot of work. My employee is full time and a great operater i have the last 2.5 years left him do a lot of the operating. Why should he watch me work so i watch him a lot. I was wondering if i bought a second machine new 185 arond 25k if it would be profitable? My theory is we are doing so many new yard installs an averge of 200 ton of top soil each, 1 machine could place dirt while the other graded. Or last week we got rain half way done on new yard so we left for 2 days to build a small wall while top soil dried. The pain was we had to pull the steel tracks full of mud because the job we were going to was on blacktop. Then return and re track the machine. On walls i thought 1 machine could dig footer while other loaded truck, etc. I am very busy and have an est. business with lots of work but im conservative wondering about this theory. Yes, i will buy bobcat im on my 3rd. one and my company is called Bobcat Landscaping Service and is registered with them to advertise the logo.

  2. klkanders

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    Sure sounds like you could justify another one. Maybe just tires on it tho.
    It is nice having two machines with all the attachments. It works for us!
  3. mow king

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    Buy a second machine used to try out your theory, if it works out then purchase a second new one.
  4. DVS Hardscaper

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    We have 2 skid steers. One sits all the time, may only be ran for 20 minutes a week. heck, I use it at my home more than it's used for the company.
  5. kris

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    Then I would dump it. ..

    Only you know when it is time to add equipment Mike.... there is always risk when growing a business. The issue is that it doesn't grow evenly. You need to have growth almost immediately....extra equipment payments can put a strain on you cashflow.

    if you can accept the fact that the second machine may not be fully booked for say at least half of the first year until your sales move up and it is simply an investment for the future ... you may be ok.
    Never an easy decision.
  6. NNJLandman

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    Consider that maybe another type of machine might be more profitable and usable for your business. Think about a machine that you could use but might have something the skidsteer doesnt or something like that. Maybe an excavator or bigger machine might be a better choice.

  7. Mike33

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    Thanks again everyone for your ideas. I just priced a neaw 185 bobcat encl. cab, air, hd. tires, and susp. seat. i about **** of the price of 29k on the road. This is the same as my current machine it s a 02 with 1400 hours. Does any one know any bobcat dealers i am defenitly cheking around, i have a trailer of course and will travelto get one. Another idea i had was maybe just rent when i need then i could have the full write off and no personel property tax i have to pay here in Md. I guess what i would use the second one for i could even buy a used 763 w/o air, etc. I have seen some on e-bay but the thought of a used machine did scare me seeing how people like to beat the hell out of them.

  8. mrusk

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    Mike i build alot of retainingwalls and am trying to go 100% retaining walls with my business. I do not think another skid will boost your productivity as much as you think. You should rent a mini x for a week and see how you like it. For wall excavation i could not imagine using a back hoe on the front of a skid. With the mini x, one guy could be digging the footing as the other brings in the qp.

  9. Mike33

    Mike33 LawnSite Bronze Member
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    I am seeing this now too. I am really trying to go 100% walls also, you dont have to worry about the grass growing. We are on our 6th. and last new yard install rite now and ready to go back to walls. I have built 5 already and have 15 scheduled being a 2 man company this will take me in to end of july. Two of them are 100x6. I only was thinking this way due to the previous yards i could of got done quicker. But instead of buying 2nd. machine to move dirt it would be more profitable just to rent 1 for a day.Ive been working with the hoe attm. for years and dont know any better, would it be woth my while to buy or rent one just to dig a footer say 40' long 2' deep when i have the hoe already paid for? I dont due water or sewer lines either. How is your mini x being profitable for you and what size is yours?
  10. mrusk

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    Mike i only own a skid, no mini yet. I rent a kubota kx41 when i need to dig wall footings. Its a 4000lbs machine. I can normally make the cut into the bank and dig the footings on a 100 ft wall in a couple hours. How long it takes, all depends on how big a cut you have to make into the hill.

    You don't need a big mini x.

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