2 stroke exhaust always clogging up

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by BrendonTW, Mar 4, 2013.

  1. BrendonTW

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    Hey folks

    I run echo equipment, echo 2 stroke oil, and non-ethanol fuel. My trimmer and edger and even blower (not as much on the blower though) are always clogging up. Causing us to be slowed down during the work day due to equipment not running up to speed or stopping to clean out the exhaust. Running 50:1 mix.

    Any ideas as to what we are doing to cause this? Or anything we should try to get these things to not clog up so much? Running without the muffler is SO loud and unprofessional sounding.
  2. BigFish

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    One thing that will contribute to clogged exh. ports is running a trimmer with the line shield/cutter removed. The longer line slows the engine rpm's and builds up carbon.

    If it's just the screens yer talkin' about, just remove em.
  3. dutch1

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    In addition to what Fish said, running at reduced speeds for extended periods contribute to carbon buildup, due to less than ideal combustion.
  4. Oldtimer

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    How hard do you run your equipment?

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  5. BrendonTW

    BrendonTW LawnSite Senior Member
    Male, from Oklahoma City
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    Thanks everyone. We run our stuff with the guards on so the line isn't too long. Maybe we need to run with higher rpms. Don't usually run wide open.
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  6. dstifel

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    When I have that problem I will run it full throttle for 5-10 minutes usually take the string out and just rubber band it while I'm getting stuff ready for the day. But eventually the screen has got to go.
  7. Grant11

    Grant11 LawnSite Senior Member
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    I used to have problems with this all the time too. The good folks at the shop would always tell me i was running too rich. I run the fuel at 50:1 with stihl ultra oil. Take a torch and a wire brush to the exhaust screen and it'll run good as new
  8. pugs

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    And thats your problem. If you are using the machine, use it at full throttle or turn it off.
  9. grassman177

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    and run better oil, the echo is pretty good, but amsoil saber or opti2 will take care of that as well. running 80;1
  10. Lbilawncare

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    Opti-2 is all we use (with premium gas) and rarely have a carbon buildup issue. We also run sea foam through them fairly regularly and that helps too. I have one crew member that doesn't run high rpm's and I notice his trimmer has problems more often than the others.

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