2 stroke exhaust always clogging up

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by BrendonTW, Mar 4, 2013.

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    I have used Opti-2 & mid-grade gas mixed @ 100:1 since 1983 and just can't understand why anyone would want to use any other ratio. Once one of my lawn maintenance crews mixed a batch of Opti-2 @ about 300:1 and called me to complain about equipment stopping instead of idling. I went to the job site and they had 8 pieces of 2 cycle equipment that would only run @ full throttle. One of the workers told me how he had mixed the fuel so we brought everything back to the shop, drained the fuel, replaced it with 100:1 and did not have any problems.

    Use Opti-2 & mid-grade ethanol free gas mixed @ 100:1 and run the equipment @ full throttle. The harder you run it the better it will run. No one will ever go back to a richer mixture after running 100:1 for a few tanks.

    We use this fuel/oil ratio as our shop fuel and it goes into hundreds of 2 and 4 cycle engines each year. We use truFuel in most of the new 2 cycle equipment we sell. If the customer is purchasing MotoMix with their new Stihl equipment we use that for start up.

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    I run a lot of Echo and the exhaust side ports do clog but it I clean then once a year they are fine and we have high use. I also use Echo oil, about 4 months ago I started running Red Armour fro Shinduwa. I was present at the local shop when a bunch of trimmer were tore down that had run red armour. They were in great shape. Unfortunately the transfer ports also get clogged and you have to pull the head. ON the good new side I have not had any failure of hardware
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    We run all our two stroke on amsoil at 100:1 and the equipement runs like a scalded dog!
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    Echo technical guys still don't think that is a good idea so I am sticking with them.
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    Had the same issue with our echo trimmers and blowers. After cleaning the exhaust ports on the heads of the blowers and mufflers on the trimmers we were back in business. Started running amsoil about 2 years at 80:1 and have had fewer issues with exhaust clogs.
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    So why didn't you just reduce the amt of oil with the echo oil from 50 to 80? Reducing the amount of oil is definitely going to reduce build up. Now tell me how long the machine will run that way.....3 or 4 or 5 years?
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    We switch because the amsoil became easier to get. The amsoil dealer suggested we run at 80:1 since our equipment had already been used. One blower is over 5 yrs old. The other 2 are 3 or 4. The two trimmers are going into there 4th season.
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    2-cycle engines need to run at high rpms otherwise they clog up. i run opti 2 mix in all my stuff and try to run everything with almost full throttle.
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    I wonder if some brands/models just have carbon build up in the ports worse than others--nothing to base this on other than the equip I've maintained. One of my guys has run Kawasaki trimmers for several years--no guards, long line, run hard 5 & 6 days/week--almost no problems except stripped slines on shaft, and plugged exhaust ports by the bunches--I mean to the point they don't run (not one single carb problem). Runs various oil brands--not equip mfg. brands.

    Another guy runs Shindaiwa 270's (about worn out)--run into the ground. No guards, long line, run hard, fuel cans with no caps--just run and abused. Have carb problems, but no exhaust port problems. This guy does run Shindaiwa oil.

    It's got to be either the design of the equip., or the oil, or both!
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    Like the others say, if not legally required in your area, I'd remove the spark screen. Also, while the Echo oil is good, it is not the most advanced. Try the Shindaiwa RedArmor Oil, (Also an Echo product) my Echo dealer stocks it. It actually cleans out the old carbon and varnish from inside the engine and muffler too. Just remember that spark screen if you keep it in, you will have to check it and clean it if you don't use a better oil.


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