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2 stroke questions

River Hill

LawnSite Member
I have a new 2 stroke motor for a edger and have a question. The motor idles fine but at full throttle is seems to bog down and does not have a whole lot of power. What do you think I need to adjust on the motor? Is it to rich to lean? It does not smoke alot. Thanks in advance for your help.


LawnSite Gold Member
stanfield nc
The ansswers you recieved are correct.
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LawnSite Senior Member
Southwest VA
We have had that happen more than once with our trimmers. It should be the muffler. It could be carbon, or sometimes, mud dobbers build nests in the mufflers!

Eric ELM

Husband, Father, Friend, Angel
Chicago, IL USA
Since it is new, I would think a simple carb adjustment would fix this problem. It does sound lean on the mixture and I'm surprised the dealer didn't check this all out before selling it to you. My dealer won't send out any power tool like that without filling it up with gas/oil mix and doing a fine adjustment on the carb if needed.

If you keep the crud out of your gas can, you shouldn't need a new filter and since it's new, there shouldn't be carbon build up. If it was new 6 months ago, it could be any of the above.