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2 thumbs to LT RICH and FAMILY!!!!!


LawnSite Member
Snow Hill NC
I have to say they have it going on so far.
I called in last fall to put in a order for a Zspray so I would have it this Feb.,
anyway I ended up with a used Intermediate with 600hrs after buying a local company out.
Called and was able to cancel my order on the new machine.

I was worried about being able to get parts and how fast I could get them.
BUT, LT Rich has made getting parts for this used machine a dream.
They are REALLY fast about getting the parts out to me, took 2-3 days max.

They are extremely nice on the phone.

I really hated not buying the new machine, but after being able to pick up the used one at a bargin, it was hard to pass up.

Maybe next year the new machine can come this way.

Keep up the great work guys and you will always have my business.

Thanks again,