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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by fblandscape, Sep 16, 2003.

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    Talked with a client today. Just cut his lawn the end of last week and it took me 6 1/2 hrs without having to blow any fields or double cut anything. Normally I would be there the end of next week. However when I got paid today my client asked that I cut it next on the 2nd week in October. For cutting every other week I ask for $425. What should I get for going a month on cutting? I know that if I go there after a month to cut I am going to have to bring somebody with me to run the big blower over 3 big areas to clean up leaves and clumps. I will most likely have to double cut 1 big area. I would guess that it will take me and another person roughly 6 hours to do together. What are your thoughts?
  2. BSDeality

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    dump him or double the price.
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  4. maple city

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    If he won't pay the extra, cut it once and leave it laying there. I wouldn't dump a cut that pays like that. If the customer complains about the mess you leave, tell him that's why it needs to be cut every 2 weeks, not every month.
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    maple city right,thats a good money cut ,raise the deck ,sharpen those blades and charge double for it.
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    I'd sure let him know that it won't be quite as easy waiting a month and there may be an additional charge added on the bill.
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    I would begin by explaining that taller grass puts an excessive load on the engine thus shortening the engines life. Then explain to him the situation of having to use 2 people on the job as opposed to one and possibly taking the same amount of time. Then tell him that you'll have to charge him double to cover the extra expenses of doing it once/month. I've always found that the best policy it to be up front with my customers and explain it in terms they can understand. If you still have a problem you may want to consider sending him a letter thanking him for the opportunity to work for him, but you have to discontinue service.
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    this should have been adressed at time of signing, even if "signing " was only a verbal agreement. i tell all my customers that work needs to be on a scheduled basis, im not on call. if its every week, its every week. if its bad grass, and needs only every 2 weeks(which i have none of, but should the situation arise...) then its every two weeks. i believe this account is going to turn bad for you, because, now the customer is dictating when he wants u back, and when u ask for more money, its gonna be a problem. at 2 weeks, u r already double cutting, whats gonna happen on the next visit? good luck
  9. crawdad

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    Monthly is not mowing, it's bush-hogging. Bush-hogging costs more.
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    The longest I go between cuts is 2 weeks never a month too hard on mower.

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