2 yr old existing company in need of tune up

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by plantations lawn & garden, Jan 6, 2012.

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    all of my business cards and hangers are all grammared right and my brocuhes
    my main ting is getting that phone to ring business not telemarketing from other businesses.
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    You NEED to get involved in the community and create some relationships. You need people to like you and want to not only see you succeed but help you get there as well.

    The grammar and stuff definitely needs work. I would seriously spend some time teaching yourself the proper communication skills or even sign up for a local english class. Reading your posts I would be shocked if some of these bad habits didn't exist in everyday conversations. People do judge other people and if you sound like an idiot they won't give you a second look never mind give you a contract. I'm not saying it to be mean thats just how the world works. This would be a VERY wise investment and you would be shocked how much an english class and communication skills could improve your business. You may also want to look into a business communication class or something along those lines. Trust me, VERY valuable skills.

    Its good that you're giving out business cards, you should continue to do that everywhere you go. Do you have an elevator pitch?

    I thought you had an employee when you discussed your mother not realizing it was your mom. If she is willing to help you out and she knows a lot about plants then thats great. I would lean on her as a resource and ask her to teach you what she knows. If you're working together at the same job ask here why you are doing whatever it is you're doing, whats the reasoning behind it. Also ask her to point out the different plants on site so that you to can become familiar with them. If she is a master gardener and you are just getting started then be sure to take advantage of such a valuable resource.

    I don't know the exact situation between yourself and the realtor but I would continue being an active member of the local chamber of commerce as well as any other local small business associations. They are all over the place. If you present yourself professionally and know what you are talking about then you will be shocked. It may take some time a year or so before you really see any direct results, but trust me they will come.

    You can find a way to make a website very cheap. We only pay about 10 per month to host the domains we have and we built it in house and it looks top notch, just took a little time to learn some computer code. You can make a good looking website for free with one of the templates that domain sites have. We use 1and1.com and have had no problems. Be sure to give yourse;f an email address from your site because it looks much more professional then plantationlawnandgarden@gmail.com. Its just one of those small things that add to your overall image as a company.

    If the phone isn't ringing as much as you want then talk to your customers that you do have. Ask them why they chose you. What are their impressions of your company? Are they satisfied with the work? TO what extent? Would they recommend you to a friend or neighbor? You need to know what your existing customers think so that you can use that info to improve your business.

    Also if you are a solo op with very little expenses as it seems. You aren't going to get much work at 75 an hour that is absurdly high. Granted its different across the country. No one in their right mind will pay 75 per hour for lets be honest, someone who is going to be far less efficient then a larger company charging anywhere from 35-50 per hour with the right equipment.

    You need to look at your numbers again. In my first post I talked about numbers being realistic numbers, this may be part of the problem. If you put your costs of doing business and other expenses as well as what type of profit you would like to generate I will give it a quick look and provide you some feedback.

    OPne last thing, does the phone ring and you just are not landing the jobs or does it not ring at all?

    Do you have any ads in local publications? I would also try to get some free press. Submit landscape related articles that are factual, accurate and informative for a homeowner in your area. Publications LOVE good free material. You may also be able to get an article written about your company. This goes back to networking.

  3. plantations lawn & garden

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    i used to get monthly inserts from the coc.i have 18x24 signs in different locations alot of the times there stolen at least twice each location. i get letters from some customers nice things in it, had some customer invite me to there apple bee's birthday.within the past month to two months no calls. but i dont have plow but a nice snow blow so with my bills at the time i cant get another truck so im working torward that. and i know i lost out on 10-15k in plowing contracts.:cry: im trying to set my company in its own niche.i want to open a nursery plantation.offer courses to teach young-elderly how to's to diy.make it a major distributor. i want further in the food chain, i got the ambition but not the funds.
    i have done work on a 5 acres property with 8,2000master home-8 car garage. with 2 guest houses. so it'not that i don't get high income property or i don't have good resume' guess the other 95 companies have a better lock on the market

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