2 Zones Out of Order

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by Turf Tamers, Feb 28, 2006.

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    Disclaimer- I am not a irrigation installer but I have plumbing skills. Ok, Time Warner Cable installed their services at one of my large commercial accounts a few week ago. At first the (Huge) leak was not noticed so it ran for several weeks. I did notice the ditch area was damp but we had a lot of rain recently.

    Anyway, I located the damaged 1-1/2 inch main and after a lot of muddy digging its fixed. My problem is that when I reconnected/rewired last 2 zones past the repair I got nothing (they will not activate). The system has a 5 wire harness, I rewired the connections are in a small pit box to help with moisture.

    Should I rewire from the next control box further toward the control pad or does anyone have a whiz-bang fix it idea! Spell it out for me.
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    did you connect the right color wires together, such as white to white red to red etc.

    that will usually keep your common wire path correct,

    if you did it right, you might have to flip some hot wires around on the controller terminal strip to put them back in the right order. (zones get out of order
    when you start resplicing not knowing what serves what)

    also some of those wires could also be SPARE wires or dead wires not hooked to any valves,(possibly why nothings coming on) if thats the case you'll have to spend a bit more time rehooking them up. look for a valve box near the controller or just spare wires in the controller

    sometimes its a simple fix, sometimes it just takes time and know how
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    Like Koster says you've dropped something past the point of repair. When all valves past a given point don't work then at least the common wire is mixed up or still broken, etc. Since you have five wires for two valves it's very possible that you got these mixed up. I'd use a toner and backtrack from the valve to make sure which wire controls which valve then hook them up to the known control wires at the point of repair. If you're positive that you got the common wire correctly identified and repaired then it's just a matter of going to the clock and switching out wires to the correct spare wire until the valve fires.

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