$20-24 per man hour?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by grassmasterswilson, May 7, 2014.

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    Got a new crew leader and he is going through the mow list for the first time without me. He is making notes and doing a pretty good job.

    It's his first week solo going through properties and he isn't familiar with the area(GPS on everything), had a flood so some minor debris clean up on some lawns, been raining a ton so we are behind spot spraying beds ... So far he is billing out $20-24 per man hour from the time the trailer hooks up til the time it parks.

    Hoping they an pick up the pace after getting familiar with it all
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    How many guys and how many are new?
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    I'm sure he'll pick it up soon, give him a little time, but definitely let him know that 20-24 pmh is way too low, if he's a crew leader I'm sure hes making a good wage, and with that comes the responsibility of being able to produce.
  4. grassmasterswilson

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    It's a 3 man crew right now and all are new. Ran a 2 man crew last year but only kept the crew leader year round. He quit this year so I have had an interesting few weeks trying to get everyone in place.

    --It's rained a ton and I'm sure weeds are going crazy in beds ... They should catch up to them
    -- we had 5" of rain in about 2 hrs last week so leaves/clippings/etc have clumped in lawns
    -- crew leader is new to town so has to figure his way around.

    I've figured my labor and equipment cost at around $58 per 3 man crew. We've also got some really tight routed days and some that are spread out.

    Still a work in progress but I'm close to if singing round 2 lawn applications then will get out and help mow or do side work.
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    It's a whole lot easier to bill a flat trip charge...
    And then a pmh rate from the time the truck comes to a complete stop at the customer's property.

    For example I simply charge a flat $xx amount to come out, same amount, every customer, regardless of distance(s), every time.
    Once I arrive at the customer's house the clock starts and a separate pmh rate gets tacked on top of the trip charge.
    When I am done working the clock stops, and the amounts totaled.

    Otherwise you'll drive yourself nuts with lunch breaks and gas stations, etc.
    Which would also explain how that $20-$24 pmh might be a lot higher, such as when you don't have traffic lights figured in.

    Unless I misunderstood what you were doing...
  6. Snydermf

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    I assume from your original post that this means a 3 man crew in an 8 hour day is grossing about $525? And you calculate your costs to be about $465 for an 8 hour day? Def. sounds a little tight although I'm impressed if you can keep your costs that low for a 3 man crew and equipment to outfit them. I would think a 3 man crew should be able to generate closer to $1000/8 hr day (or $41.50 pmh) , with costs closer to $700. Giving you a profit of a little over $8 pmh worked. What was your goal pmh? If my math is correct at least you aren't losing money. I'd estimate my 2 man crew is grossing around $500 in a 9 hour day so about $26-$28 pmh. My goal is to be more in the $40 pmh range when we get going this summer.
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