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20' 3pt Mounted Boom Mower for sale

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by jwilkers2vt, Jan 12, 2012.

  1. jwilkers2vt

    jwilkers2vt LawnSite Member
    Messages: 72

    20' Ferris Boom Mower
    3pt Hitch, requires 90hp tractor min

    Email preferred or call 434.579.5625
    Asking $26,500

    Flail head has brush teeth and cut up to 2" woody material as well as grass. We bought this new for a DOT maintenance job, and we used it very little. Job required a lot more hand work than anticipated, and our loss is your gain. This machine retails for just over $40,000 new. It is priced to sell. Machine has less than 25 hours on it. Leaves a nice finish on grass. Can easily cut pond dams and slopes.

    The TXV Series of Boom Mowers from FERRI offers the Grounds Maintenance, Commercial and Municipal markets a boom mower that has an the long reach they are looking and the high commercial grade quality in a three point boom mower. The majority of the boom mowers in this market are dedicated tractor mid mount boom mowers. The advantage a mid mount boom mower offers you is the ability to have the cutting head even with the operators position so they can look to the side instead of behind them. The TXV is able to move the cutting head forward even with the operator and still be a rear mount mower. A mid mount boom mower ties up a tractor and dedicates that tractor to run the mower only. With a Three Point Rear Mount boom mower the tractor can easily be converted to run other ream mount attachments and have a front loader installed on the tractor. A front loader can not be installed with a mid mount boom mower installed on the tractor.
    TXV 60 Specifications

    Specs from Ferris Website
    Tractor Horsepower: 90 to 110 HP
    Tractor Weight (Minimum): 7937 lbs.
    Tractor Width (Minimum): 7′ 7″
    Max. Horizontal Reach: 18′ 2″ - 20′ 6″ (From tractor center line to head edge)
    Flail Head Width: 47″
    Flail Head Angle: 230° (On rear mounting)
    Rotor RPMs: 3,000
    PTO RPMs: 540

    Independent Hydraulics
    Reversible Rotor
    Tractor Stabilizers
    Floating Head
    Hydraulic Breakaway
    90° Fold Back
    Head Lift & Float
    Articulated "Y" Flails
    Multi-Use Flails
    Hammer Flails
    "BI METAL" Bushings
    High Performance Gear Box
    Adjustable Rear Roller
    Front Guard


  2. jwilkers2vt

    jwilkers2vt LawnSite Member
    Messages: 72


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