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  1. :help: :help: Hey I need some input on this one I do mainly res. work but I have been asked to take a comm. job it is +- 20 acres do I offer my price based on $35-$40 an acre it is all level and this would be for grass cutting only
    the greenery would be separate or could you give me an Idea how to figure it for all inclusive like I said most of mine is res. (this would be my first comm. account this big) my Micki Dee I only charge $200 a Month that includes all but the area is not big at all. :help:
    I have got to get back with them tomorrow on the estimate.
    J&C OUTDOORS Thanks in advance for your help and suggestions
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    It would help if you give us some kind of idea, other than +/- 20 acres, of what the job entails. Is there a lot of small areas that you can't cut with a Z or a large w/b? Is there a lot of trimming involved? If you want to do something "all inclusive" do you have any idea of the area of landscaped beds, how many plants they need per year as well as what kind of plants, how many cubic yards of mulch you'll need per year, or how many shrubs you'll be trimming? Do you have a chemical applicators license or are you going to have to sub out the treatments? Are you going to have to increase the levels of your insurance and are you bonded?

    You have to take all of this into consideration or be prepared to loose you arse.
  4. parkwest

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    There are so many variables like equipment productivity, travel time, size of crews, fuel consumption, lineal feet of edging, etc.... I would have to know a lot about how you run your business to be even to guess what to tell you.

    Good luck!
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    hey that is funny, work it. We both said the same thing at the same time.
  6. work_it

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    You must have had a couple near misses, or been burned in your past too. I had a Cracker Barrel try to get an "all inclusive" yearly contract for $10,000 when the mulch and plants alone came to $9300. Guess they expected me to mow, do chemical treatments, and leaf clean-up for free. NOT!!! ;)
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    Been doing contract work my whole life and it always astonishes me to see people who want to give bids when they don't have the cost database to even have a clue whether they will make money on a job or not.

    We like to think we know what our costs are so we know what our breakeven point is on each job, ie. jobcosting. If we aren't going to make money on a job I just as soon go fishing as to do it below cost. Considering 90% of LCO's go belly up, I don't think I would give a quote based on what the next guy thinks he can do it for.
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    are you sure you are big enough to take that job on it takes alot to cut something of that size and you have to figure each thing out and figure how much trim and how much edging and then what else they are going to want added on to that. and can it all be done with large mowers? or is there alot of small mowers needed. i would have to be in your shoes to make the call. dont be afraid to turn it away if you are to small. it could break you if you price them wrong. just my 2 cents.
  9. It is mostly open area with hedges at the entrance at the office and along the front of the office complex
    not any more than the average home owner has around the front of the house.
    as far as I know he did not mention doing any flower beds in the areas only refresh the pine straw every now and then.
    the main job is the cutting it is almost 21 acre. of flat centipede grass he has had 7 different people cutting it and all have quit mostly were fly by night neighborhood people he said he wants someone who will cut it on a bi weekly deal. I was going to offer the greenery and refresh separate or would like to know if it would be better to offer all inclusive there is not much in the greenery, he only asked about the grass and yes I have been bit in the butt 1 too many times this would be the biggest account I ever had and sure do need the work .
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    Please list equipment available and have the property manager give you a spec sheet of what he wants done. All of your info so far is too vague to even make a guess.

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