20 Year Old in the Biz

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by DoetschOutdoor, Jun 7, 2006.

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    Well, Im 20 years old and have been mowing since I was 11 when I had the awesome Murray riding mower. We moved to just outside of Stl when I was 13 and I put fliers out about 2 weeks after we got unpacked. Graduated to a Lawn Boy 21", then to a John Deere commercial 21", then to a 36" Ferris Hydro Wb and I will be getting a 48" Ferris Hydro Wb this weekend (hopefully this guy wont back out). For trucks, I started with a 92' Ford Ranger POS and just got a Zr2 S-10 last fall, which was a 500% increase in vehicles for me. Last year when I got the WB, I had a homeade old boat trailer for hauling it around and this year I found a steal on a 6x12 enclosed trailer which is perfect for hauling and storing gear. I currently have between 28 and 35 accounts weekly and have been doing mulch work, aerating/fertilizing/overseeding, and a little bit of landscaping. I love cutting grass and seeing my finished product although it is a little tough being a full time college student and taking 18 hours a semester. But the money is excellent. Thats enough writing for now. Pics will come when I pick up the 48" this weekend. Later

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