200 gal skid sprayer on new trailer

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by bigdaddycain1216, Jul 10, 2012.

  1. bigdaddycain1216

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    This is a 200 gallon skid sprayer originally built by Marco Sprayers. This has a dual piston John Bean pump on it ran by a 13 horse Briggs motor. Hose reel has 300 foot of hose and is electric as well as hand crank. Inside the tank it has mechanical aggittation. I have 4 spray rigs and this one gets used the least and just gets in the way in my shop and that is the only reason this is for sale. There are not any issues with this thing at all. No leaks and no problems, it is turn key and starts on first pull every time. In the last year I have had the tank re-fiberglassed for 750$ Bought the all steal 5x10 trailer with 3500# axle for 1,200$ and welded it on for security and installed a new wide lid for easy filling up and mixing of chemicals. Price as of now is 4,000 but will consider all offers and or trade offers. :drinkup:

    trailer 006.jpg

    trailer 004.jpg

    trailer 007.jpg
  2. bigdaddycain1216

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  3. bigdaddycain1216

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    :drinkup: this thing is built like a tank
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    That's a lot of weight up front better move that tank back over the axle.
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    Would you consider selling the tank sprayer without the trailer. A brand new 200 gallong tank sprayer with electric reel, with 300 ft. of hose from northern star is 2,900. I am looking to spend less than this for a good used one. Don't want to low ball you let me know if you would consider less.

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