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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by blade11, Mar 26, 2008.

  1. blade11

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    i was quoted $3,683 for a 200 gal sprayer setup @ lesco. this includes hose, wand, nozzle. they are on sale right now. does this seem reasonable? i have been doing granular apps for several yrs now and am at the point where i need to incorporate a liquid app or two into my program. any other places that i could get a similar setup or at least compare to lesco? any thoughts/suggestions will be appreciated.
  2. whoopassonthebluegrass

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    I have a 200g Space Saver from Lesco and am not a big fan. Did you know that the D403 pumps they use call for replacing the diaphragms every 500 hours or 3 months - whichever comes first?

    I can't believe a machine as expensive as these can't run for more than 3 months without tearing the pump apart...

    Now maybe other pumps are just as bad, I don't know. But it chaps my arse when I lose all my oil in the middle of the work day and am out of commission when it seems like I just rebuilt the friggin' thing!

    Do your homework before you commit...
  3. Victor

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    Do yourself a favor and call Rhett at Gregson-Clark. I bought one of his V-200 skid sprayers years ago and have never regretted it. My friend was in the market for a 200 gallon skid and I tried telling him that he should call Rhett, but he bought a Space Saver instead. Several times since, he's admitted that he should have listened to me. Gregson-Clark's link is at the top of this page.
  4. vegomatic40

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    I would check around for a used unit. I've seen 300 gal rigs with less than 500 hrs on them for much less than that. Skid sprayers are fairly easy to repair and maintain as well. Go for mehanical agitation if at all possible. Bypass types typically come with a pump that is inadequate to both keep the solution in suspension and provide spray-pressure. I've also seen more than a few people buy the "space saver" units and then decide they simply should have bought a larger truck to begin with. Like Victor said go with Gregson-Clark or Westheffer for a quality new unit.
  5. Russ

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    Just had to replace a D-403 on my Space Saver because of a diaphragm failure. Lesco wanted over 800 to replace it. Ended up getting one for $517.00 on line. I was doing tree work about 300 ft from the truck for around 4 hours on one property when I lost pressure. At first I thought I was out of gas. A diaphragm had cracked and absolutely trashed everything in the pump and locked it up so tight it killed the gas engine.

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