200 gallone skid sprayer calibration! with 8 roller silver cast pump!

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    I had someone calibrate my machine by setting it to 50 psi and marking off a 20 x 50 and timed me spraying it. It took me 40 seconds and then he sprayed in a measuring bucket for the same time and then took the gallons and divided it by a numerical number and came up with that i spray at my desired speed 100 gallons per 1 acre......he then set my machine to 50 psi and told me to leave it there and walk the same pace for preemergent. he figure 64 oz for 1 acre per 1oo gallons of water for aqua pendulum and vessel. 32 oz for surfking and die tracker. Is this the right chemical mixture

    Does this sound mathmatically right and should i run my machine on only 50 psi. Seems like i should run it higher but what do I no. He does work for estes inc. where i buy my chemicals...

    Someone please reply thanks...
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    Does your state require testing and licensing for spraying? In my state that is part of the test..calibration. By measuring of the 20x40...thats 1000 sq ft. By timing you walking and spraying at 50 psi.....thats telling you how long it takes you to spray (at that speed of walking) 1000 sq ft..... then you point the gun in a bucket and spray the gun in the bucket for the same amount of time it took you to walk 1000 sq ft, then you measure how many gallons you applied to that 1000 sq ft by how much is in that bucket. Then you read the label on the chemical you are appling to find out what the recommended application rate is, then you have to figure out how much chemical to add to the 200 gallon tank, given the newly gained knowledge of how many gallons you as an applicator are applying per 1000 sq ft at 50 psi. There is a lot of calculating to be done with applying chemicals. Get a calculator and a hour of your time and you should be able to find out if its right. If you have no expirence with calibration then i would highly recommend you ask a county co-op or farm bureul for some literature.Good luck.

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