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2000 52" 19 HP Exmark Turf Tracer For Sale With Pictures


LawnSite Senior Member
I have a 2000 52" exmark turf tracer for sale (not a tthp). The machine is in excellent mechanical condition. It has a 19 hp Kawai engine with 1400 hrs on it that runs as good as new! New battery, clutch, new set of gator blades, newer tires (foam filled), run flats on the front casters, new caster bushings, new caster wheel bearings, new throttle cable, extra set of belts, new regulator, air filter, etc. Oil has been changed religiously every 50 hours. THe paint is a little faded but it cleans up decent. I have meticulously maintained this machine because I am a solo op and rely solely on it for income. I am asking 2400. Don't be afraid to make an offer. It would make a great mower for someone just starting in the business or someone looking for a good reliable 52." Pm or email me with questions. The mower is located in Grand Rapids, MI.

Attached is a photo of the mower at the start of this season as well as a lawn that was cut with it. It stripes really well, that lawn is cut with gators and no stripe kit.