2000 Exmark Lazer 72"

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by PROCUTSLAWNCARE, Apr 2, 2004.


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    How much do you think a 25hp Kohler 72" Lazer is worth? 1100 hours on it and in pretty good shape!

    New tires and painted in some spots, pretty good condition!

  2. amar

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    $3500 - $4500

    Im not a fan of the 25 HP 72" combo its under powered unless you only cut 3" or less of dry grass (no dew or rain on it).
  3. DennisF

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    At 1100 hours the mower is about half way through its useful life. That mower probably sold for somewhere between $7500-$8000 when new. If it's in excellent condition I would say between $3500-$3800. If it has signs of abuse or neglect the value would be considerably less.
    If the mower was used by more than one operator as in a mowing crew...run don't walk from the purchase. Those machines are generally abused most of the time and will be a source of many problems.

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    Thank you,

    I looked the machine over pretty good and drove it. The pumps showed no sign of wear as I listened to it. The mower itself is pretty good condition and runs well. The owner said he paid 10,000 for it so he probally would want more than 4000. He has not given me a price yet so Im still waiting for what he wants out of it. But I will let you know when he tells me!

    Thanks agian....

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    He was asking $6500.00 AHhhhhhhhhhh?
  6. amar

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    What a joke. He is out of his mind. If he were to trade it in he would get $2500-3500 max your doing him a favor if you pay him over $3500
    If he is an owner operator then it probally was taken care of however if it was used by a crew it could be abused.
    1100 hours could be way past half its use full life. You cant tell if he changed the oil on time. Do the spindles wiggle at all?
  7. bastalker

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    1100 hours in 3 years is about average. $6500 is $3000 more than its worth.
  8. sawman65

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    take it from an exmark dealer dont but it for many reasons
    1 underpowerd
    2 had problems with deck spindles
    3 hydro pumps did not have enough flow
    if memory serves me it was only made for 2 years this was one
    exmark should never let out
  9. rob1325

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    25HP is underpowered for that size deck.

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    The spindles dont move, actually feel good. Yes I do agree it is underpowered. I have a 61" Husqvarna ztr and it has a 27 kohler on it. I cant imagine 25 hp on a 72". Ohwell it was worth a shot, but not for that money!

    Oh and it was used by crews, not a homeowner!


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