2000 f-550 7.3L- WHAT DO YOU THINK?

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by DLONGLANDSCAPING, Mar 16, 2011.

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    Sorry but I'm gona have to say your the idiot. When I catch a steal of a deal on something I also put it up for sale and make a quick few grand. I bought a 97 2500hd with brand new 33" BFG at's on it AND a 8' western for $1500 cash. I bought a for sale sign for it on my way home with it and sold it for 4900 in a week. Then I took that cash and bought a f-450 with it. That's how you flip stuff and make a profit without working for it. The guy caught a nice deal on a truck because he researched the living shet out of them and now he's trying to capitalize on that. So he walks with 19k cash in his pocket, spends 12 on another dump and then has cash left over for a new trailer. That's a fast and easy way to grow.

    Everything I own is for sale for the right price and I have shet tons of work for each and every truck/machine.

    Shoot I bought a brand new excavator and really debated putting it up for sale before I even had one hour on it. I know I could sell it for thousands more than what I paid for it.

    When you know you got a deal the first instinct is to go fishing for a sucker.
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    Turning around and selling a machine or truck and making a profit on it is the same damn thing as quoting a job and making a profit on it or marking up material. I've done it and will continue to do so, if you think it's idiotic that's fine you're the one missing out.
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  3. P.Services

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    Says the guy that flips more mowers in one year then most lco's will ever own in a life time.
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  4. Impressions Landscaping

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    Still makes no sense to me when someones saying they have all this work lined up and absolutley can't live without a dump before they even own one. I could understand the dead of winter and your months out before you start doing any kind of work...but in the spring? When this is your first dump and only dump? Its great to make a few grand on something, I agree with you there, however, I'm sure you never left yourself short trucks when you had a lot of work quoted and booked. You wouldn't quote a bunch of skidsteer work, then turn around and sell your skid steer and dump for a profit before you do your work, in your busy season. I don't know of anyone who would.

    Sometimes when you find a good deal, you don't always have to go fishing for a sucker, maybe keep the good deals, make money off of them, maybe make enough money to pay themselves off and then turn around and sell it for a profit a few months down the road. I just don't get it sometimes. I know a guy who just bought nice little 6 wheeler for 14 grand. He stole it to put it short. He could sell it for a 10 thousand profit right now, but he's putting a few bucks into it and making himself a nice little work truck for cheap. Thats smart business right there.

    Look at ETW, those used FL80's he has, he could turn around and sell them easily for what he has into them plus some and then some more, then go out and buy a brand new truck, but why not. Why not save money when you can, and instead of focusing on how to sell the truck for a profit, focus on how you can make the truck make you the most amount of money for your business. Its all about keeping a low overhead.
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    Don't agree with that either......jarod pays top dollar for those trucks because he needs them now and he wants them built just the way he needs them. He pays dearly for that. I can get a used sng hoist for 4 grand put it on a 4300 ex-penske truck I bought for 4 grand and have a steal toolcrib made and then I could sell it for a profit. But he's buying a new hoist for 12 grand or so so that he won't have repair problems, he's buying a custom made tool box out of aluminum so they last forever and he's buying trucks that fit his specs and match the others not just a good price. I will bet you my left nut he couldn't sell any of those trucks for what he has into them. Guess what? It doesn't matter because that's not why he built them, he built them to make money and work so that's where he wins.

    You don't exactly understand the truck market and howw to make money with them.
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  6. stuvecorp

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    I think it's kinda lame to have guys help you out and then try to flip the truck but you can do whatever you want. The part that is really dumb though is bragging on here how you beat the guy down and then list the truck for sale at an inflated price. Weren't you complaining about a dealer having way too high of prices?

    DLONGLANDSCAPING LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Here it goes, to answer all your questions and "concerns". First off, this thread was to gain knowledge on dump trucks and to ask for peoples opinions on dump trucks and what i should look out for.

    Secondly, i am making myself a good work truck, fixing this dump up and putting what i need vs. what i want into it. I was putting it on ebay just for kicks to see what i could get for it before i put money into it. There is no need to go crazy over flipping something for a profit. Especially when i literally just got it and barely used it yet. There are many trucks out there for sale at a good price. Now a days its a buyers market, you can find good deals on a lot of things. I was planning on sandblasting it all, rhino lining almost everything except cab and outside of dump body, and 're-finishing' everything. But i realized that not much is cosmetically wrong with it and i could take 20-30 hours of spare time over the next few weeks and save myself around 3k on a new paint job.

    Third, i dont come on this site to brag, i come on this site to educate myself and get inspired by many of the big guys on here to grow my company. I always contiplate whether to post my own threads or just read the threads because there are always people that assume your just trying to brag when you get new equipment or want to show off. Im not one of those people that need new equipment to make them selves feel better. Its my company image to have clean late model equipment that is well taken care of and washed. There is nothing wrong with that. There are so many hacks around my area with beat to hell equipment and ripped clothes mowing lawns, and that is what sets me apart. Granted, there are many big companys around too that look nice, i learn from them that when i see a well dressed company it looks SOOO much better.

    Back to the truck talk.......

    Fourth, Regarding the tear out jobs, mulch jobs and other landscape jobs i have lined up. One dump truck isn't going to be my 'bread and butter'. Im not saying it wouldnt help out a ton but I can just do what i did last year, ...............have the mulch delivered.................rent dumpsters for removal of cement and tear outs............. trailer a bobcat behind my 1500. It is really no big deal but it just costs more to rent. The dump truck was mearly an access point where i could take on jobs myself without having to pay for unneeded expenditures. Figure a dumpster fee for an 8-10 yard capasity was around 400 dollars. If i did just two tear outs a month, i would be saving myself 800 dollars per month - gas charges.

    Fifth, My jobs lined up and mulch installations scheduled are honestly none of anyones business on this site, it has to do with the contractor and the home owner who is contracting out the services. I posted that on here just because that is what i will use the dump truck for.

    Sixth: Impressions Landscaping: Even if i didn't have the work for the truck, i still was planning to get a 2500 or 3500 this year because my 1500 isn't going to last if i use it all summer like i did last year and then for plowing this year. You are very quick to judge and choose your words like a loose canon. Im not one to call names and i guess i dont know where your coming from but i choose what i buy very critically, i check everything out and i don't buy out of impulse. I am always online researching what i am going to buy, finding the best deal and usually that means that in two years i can sell it for fair market value of what its worth for more than i purchased it two years before. This is call a SMART BUSINESS DECISION. Maybe if my company grows more and i start to have larger capital i will be on the same boat as Jarod, but i'm 18.

    STIVECORP: What does getting help have anything to do with keeping a truck? I was asking for help because that is what this site if for. Knowledging yourself with other peoples expiriences and knowledge. Where in the rules of lawn site does it say if you ask for help you better f'ing keep the truck or everything was a waste. If i do sell it, all your help just made me 7500 dollars richer. I wasnt complaining about trucks being high price here, i was stating a fact that in MICHIGAN truck prices are way higher.

    I will update this thread with what i am going to do and the updates i do on this truck. Most likely after all the major work is done i will take some before and after pic's also.

    If i sell it, then awesome, if i dont, i have dump truck still dont i?
  8. Superior L & L

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    Delong Nice new truck :)
    Here is my one thought, even if you keep the truck still use roll offs. We have four dumptrucks and still use roll offs. We have a 30yd and a 20yd on two different sites right now. The amount of trips it would take to haul off 30 yds of brush would take all day and at least $150 in fuel. By using roll offs the drive will stay onsite and work on production

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