2000 f-550 7.3L- WHAT DO YOU THINK?

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    I wasnt thinking about the trailer at all. I am in the class for cdl right now, i just didnt want to have to have the hassle of my employees getting theirs to drive it too, but i guess its better safe than sorry.

    The gvwr is 21k my trailer is a 7k , so i am over the DOT weight ratings. I think i would need a B license endorsement, with 26k weight plates, and medical card on board.

    It is a very clean truck, and is exactly what i need, being 18, i dont need a brand new truck with a 600 dollar car payment. Even if i financed it over 36 months. The payment would only be 300 dollars. Ya cant beat that.

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    Thanks for the input, i have always been a mopar guy and i love dodge trucks, but i wanted to find a good used powerstroke 7.3. Ford is def the way to go.

    With regards to a plow or salter ever being on this, it has never even touched a salty road yet , this truck was used for hauling 2 pallets of pool cleaning solution back and fourth 250 mile stretches across the florida border to georgia. It never hauled dirt,rocks, or anything for that matter and the owner says it was 140k highway miles. and 7k city miles.

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    i am anal about maintaining my equipment and this truck has all its records, from a small dent repair in the hood, to every 4k miles oil change. Every 25k miles fluid changes, and Plugs at 50k and 100k miles.

    And the carfax report is a 93, usually 2000 trucks are around a 83-87.

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    thats what i figured to. I dont see the value dropping substancially in the next 5 years with the good engine and the near mint exterior. I will be adding nicer finishs to it also to clean it up.

    I talked them down to 10,600 financing and i offered them $9200 cash. With the car being in fl i dont have to pay sales tax either which will save me around $650. all i would need was the title and paperwork. and its mine.
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    If the oil has at least 400 miles on it do yourself a favor and make the deal contingent on a good oil analysis, from our perspective the near perfect condition of the body would make us consider this truck very seriously.
    BUT for a truck this clean why is it being sold, especially in this economy??, red flag???

    We had a 7.3 up until last year, an ok engine fuel consumption was high, the best engine Ford ever made was the late production run, '06/'07 of the 6.0 psd-yes
    I mean that, we have two and at over 50k each they both run like tops, don't use a drop of oil between changes and get an honest 16 mpg. Ford finally fixed the 6.0 then.................

    The only thing we don't like is the heui, but again 50k and running perfectly.

    And yes to be honest I would rather have a Dmax or Cummins but the Ford ain't bad.
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    The GVW on this truck is either 17,500 or 19,000 . Have them send you a pic of the door plate. Truck seems like a good buy. Looks like it will need tires soon. Not sure why anyone would recomend a 6.0 Ford.

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    The carfax report had a mechanic check everything out, it was pretty extensive. I am calling the dealer at 9 to talk about details. I know what you mean with the mint condition exterior, under the hood it even got detailed. But within the engine , ya never know.

    what should i look for as wear and tear in the engine that could be neglected? I most likely will have a mechanic up here look at it, before i hand over the cash. They do full returns if something isnt stated correctly in the description.

    So i pretty much can have them deliver it, have my mechanic look it over extensively, and then decide whether its worth it or not. All i have to do is drive it back(prob 500 dollars in gas, but a good trip to FL with the Girl for a weekend.

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    the late 6.0's like he said can be tuned to be absolutly amazing and if maintained right can last along time.

    I am going to have them send all the pictures to me and go from there. I dont want to regret anything, but with the purchase saving me a dumpster removal fee and 450 dollars per job to rent a HD truck, i already lined up 3 big jobs that can pay for half of it.
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    150 is nothing thats a really clean looking truck.. Also I have also heard the 6.0's were better in there later years, however I still would not take a chance. There are two better engine choices out there from the year 2006-2007 Cummins being one of them and the duramax being the other!

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    haha, good point. thats a good way to put it. I honestly think that the 5.4L V8 Tritons were better than the earlier 6.0's. They are reliable. My buddy has a 2008 f-350 with a triton and he has around 190k on it. Fleet maintained every 2500 miles but its worth it if you can get that life out of a truck.

    Just talked to the dealer about my offer, hes calling me back within the next 48 hours after his boss gets back from vacation.

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