2000 f-550 7.3L- WHAT DO YOU THINK?

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by DLONGLANDSCAPING, Mar 16, 2011.


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    Well i just got in contact with the salesmen. And was sorta of pushed away by it now. He said he would take 9500 for it if i came and picked it up. But the ad was mis marked and its a 4x2. Which is pretty much out of the questions for Michigan Winters, im not looking to be stuck in snow.

    I said i would give him 7k because if i bought it i would have to switch it over. And he was calling around to see how much it would be to get it switched to 4x4.

    sorta dissapointed now.
  2. mow king

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    FYI on sales tax, if you buy out of state you typically don't pay it when you pick the truck up but you WILL pay it when you go to the title office and switch the title into your name.
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    I paid $10'250 last may, for my 1998 isuzu npr 14'500 gvw and drove a 1000 miles each way to get it. It had a 135,000k miles now has 142,000 miles. best money ever spent.. That being said thats a GREAT deal for that f550, down here we don' really need 4x4's that much.

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    SS OFFICE, i know that. haha

    I guess if this is going to be a summer truck i should get it, but i dont really want to put a 6k dollar plow upfront in 2wd. I guess if i have 6k lbs of salt in the back i should be fine on wide open lots, but i dont really want to be spinning around

    Do you guys think i should pick it up? for the 4x2. Or should i invest another 10k and get alittle newer 4x4.
  5. White Gardens

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    Na. Save the money. That thing will get around a lot better in the snow then you might think.

    Only time I've ever gotten stuck in my 2wd dually while plowing is after our 13 inch snow storm. Even then it was just a few times hanging the front end up on snow. Just took about 5 minutes of shoveling to get un-stuck. That and the previous owner put a posi-rear in it, so that made a huge difference.

    My truck is a C3500HD. So it's similar to some degree.
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  6. KS_Grasscutter

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    I would almost go ahead and go pick it up for 9500 and just use in the summer, keep plowing with the dodge. That seems like an insanely great deal. Nice thing about picking up is u can look it over pretty good before signing the check.
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  7. Marek

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    What type of lots do you plow ? We run several 4 x 2 trucks in large open lots

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    The only thing i am nervous about is getting a cheap flight down there and gas on the way back. If i fly down there friday morning, the flight will be like 500 dollars one way. and then another 500 to get gas.

    haha, and a place to store it. I have a 3 car garage right now but i don't think a dump would fit. Guess its time to grow in the right direction.

    With plowing in 2wd, i guess there is a ton of surface area or rubber in contact with cement and there will most likely be a lot of weight in the back, i think it would be fine. The type of lots i am doing presently is a large car lot, around a dealership, and then the backpacking lot which is pretty much straight all the way, then a couple small markets where all the snow has to go to one location, and then a couple gas stations that i most likely would still use the dodge for those since they are tight squeezes through there.

    I wish the season already started and money was coming in, i still have bills to pay. ahhhh.

    Its time for the spring clean ups and pavers jobs to start.

    DLONGLANDSCAPING LawnSite Bronze Member
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    The salesmen talked to the owner and said this is the first day the truck is been listed, so he cant lower the price that much. The By it now price is 11k Out the Door.

    When its all said and done, i would really like to get a loan. Do a 60 month loan and pay it off at the end of the year. Who knows a good place to get a low rate used auto loan?

    Out of state?
  10. mowerbrad

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    I'm going to say a few things....

    The 7.3L powerstrokes were really good engines, pretty simple and cheap to fix (in regards to diesel mechanics). They can last quite a long time with proper maintenance.

    Its a Florida truck so they don't see all the salt/sand that our vehicles see up here in Michigan, so the condition of the truck is expected to be a little better than our vehicles up here. However, that condition of the vehicle does scare me a little bit since it is so nice. I personally think that the truck could be repainted...it looks too perfect, even for a Florida truck. If you do go down to look at it/buy it, try to look behind the gaskets in the doors to see if there looks to be a different paint behind them. Sometimes when people paint vehicles, they won't get behind the gaskets that well.

    With that size of a truck 4x4 isn't really a huge deal. Having a 4x2 will work out just as well. Typically dually trucks don't get great traction in the snow because of how much surface contact they have. Their weight is spread out over 4 tires in the rear, which usually means that they have a lower ground pressure, thus not giving as good of traction. What you want is a heavy ground pressure to gain traction in the snow/ice. This is where the dump bed comes into play, by itself it weighs quite a bit but add some material to it and you have tons of weight in it which gives you the higher ground pressure that you need to maintain good traction. As long as you can add some weight to it for plowing, you will have minimal problems with that truck in the snow.

    Watch this guy's 4 videos on buying a used powerstroke. This guy knows tons of stuff about powerstrokes and can give you a very good idea of what to look for if you do decide to head to to florida to check out the truck. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PdmDLsAu61E&feature=channel_video_title

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