This is a 2001 F450 car hauler that I converted into my mulch truck. It’s got the bullet proof 7.3 L diesel engine in it. I’ve owned this truck since late 2015. I haven’t had a moment of trouble out of it. Tires are basically brand new on it. Bought those late last year. the entire time I’ve had I put about 16,000 miles on it.

The toolbox I designed and built to hold various sorts of landscaper tools. It also has an access hatch to the wench for continued use as a car hauler.

My primary use of this truck was to haul mulch for my mulch blowing operation. I normally loaded it down with 8 yards of mulch or so plus an extra couple of yards in my mulch blower and have enjoyed good success with it. This truck along with my mulch blower helped me increase my sales for the efficiency that it provides. If you’re interested in buying the truck and the mulch blower, I will bundle the two together and save you some cash.

I have more photos available on request. I don’t have a video of it yet, but I’ll be happy to make it happen.

If you find a better deal than this I’ll match it or beat it