2000 International 4700 switch-n-go system for sale

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by CrewCutEnterprises, Dec 31, 2005.

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    That looks like a really nice truck. But then it all depends on how much you have to pay to win the bid. Have you looked up the book value on it to see how much it is worth?
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    Judging from the pics its a clean rig and relatively low mileage for a commercial vehicle of that year.
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    I cant believe you are comparing a 4700 to a 550. The 550 is a toy compared to the 4700. They are not even in the same class. If you NEED it, get the 4700.
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    a few answers

    The 4700 for sale is a penske lease truck with a 20 ft body, taken off fram cut after spring hangers and the 16,000 switch n go system bolted on including the fenders and the drop box.

    So. If you can get an international truck for 15,000 great. There is a dealer in Del selling one with 141 k miles for 29,900 and one with 120k for 35,000.
    Value,, yea its worth every penny if you ask etwman


    Comparing an 550 to a 4700 is like comparing apples to oranges i agree. but there are problems....

    Pros of 550
    Dealer right around the corner
    can tow 7000 lb trailer without cdl, being under 26k gvw.
    Better gas mileage, aprox 10 to 14 mpg.
    easier to park etc.

    Doesnt hold as much volume (12 ft body)
    cant hold as much weight

    Pros of 4700
    Dealer about 15 mins away
    **could tow 3000 lb trailer,(12x6) or leaf loader. if derated to 22,500 lbs still dont need a cdl, being under 26k gvw.
    will hold about 15 to 17 yards mounded. 14ft body
    will hold 22 yards with removable chipper top(leaves)
    Better view of the road.

    7-9 mpg
    can tow no trailer!!! unless **

    Also, you are not just getting one truck, I would get a few drop boxes for roll off services for some of my friends companies to who do roof tear offs and construction.

    if you have never seen www.bucksfab.com go there. lots of bodies

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    You also left off of cons to the 550....Engine problems with the 6.0 and or V-10 too numerous and costly to list. Transmission problems from the inception too numerous and costly to list. Your truck will be down more than it works, and who pays the bill when it's down?????

    Go cornpicker.
  7. Gravel Rat

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    It doesn't say what engine it has I would have said the International until I seen it was a uhhg automatic. It also doesn't say what engine it has if its a 7.3 PSD its grossly underpowered it also doesn't say what size axles it has.

    I personally would go with the All Haul rolloff system www.rolloff.net its more like a conventional rolloff system its better in my mind I have run fullsize rolloff trucks. Or my second choice and you probably can find a little easier would be a DEL Loadmaster Mini Rolloff system www.delequipment.com

    You really do want rails that touch the ground so it guides the can on the rails it also takes the load off the truck. You could technically lift the front wheels of the truck off the ground with a dead lift system like that Switch and go. Your also limited to their boxes because you need the ones with that special snipe (very expensive). You want a universal system so you can buy any kind of box and easily modify it.

    You second option is a hooklift its more expensive but for a F-550 sized truck it would be more landscaper friendly as you could use it as a dump truck where as with a conventional rail you don't have the dump angle.

    To sum it up if I was going to go with a 5 ton or bigger truck conventional rail if I was going with a 350-550 size truck it would be a hooklift.

    Its your choice I would prolly stay small scale if you want to stick with the landscaping etc. Once you get into rolloff trucks you really need a tandem axle where you can haul a 40 yard bin. The 3 ton trucks like the 4700 International will be too big for some jobs and too small for others. Where as with the 550 you can get bins into peoples back yards or other tight spots. You would do the jobs where a tandem axle won't fit so it will require multiple trips.

    You figure a 550 will have about 7000lbs "Legal" carrying capacity after the hoist and bin that equals allot of light wood debris or bush or junk from peoples basements.

    Like I said if you serious about going into the trash business then go with a tandem the medium duties there isn't enough work for them. When a demolition contractor is doing a tear down they want to haul away large loads. I think you want to specialize in residential service like hauling way residential junk like old wood laying in peoples back yards.

    Thats the business I'am in "Junk removal" and general landscaping and clean up.
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    Have you considered a chevy or Gmc 4500 or 5500 with a duramax, you get more gvw than a f-550, and it might cost a little less than an International. Personally I would scratch the fords off your list, atleast until they stop having problems with the 6.0 and there transmissions.
  9. Gravel Rat

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    Wait a minute he doesn't have to buy a brandnew F-550 he can try find a pre 6.0 truck and get one with a 5spd, automatics should be banned from any truck larger than a 1 ton.

    One of the local disposal companies bought a 91 F-450 with a hooklift system and boxes it was brandnew bought it in 91 it cost him close to 60,000 dollars. A brandew F-550 with a hook lift hoist you will easily spend that or more.

    Find a low mileage F-550 for 20,000 dollars then buy the rolloff system which will cost around 15,000 dollars your only into a truck for 35,000 then you have money for some bins. You don't jump both feet first into a truck that you don't know is going to create big money.

    Once you start making money and you see that its going to work out then go buy a newer truck.

    As for the problems Bill has had I think its from the people that drive his trucks. I know alot of companies that run nothing but Ford this is pretty much Ford country and we have 10% grade hills and guys are running their trucks to max gvw they are not having major break downs.

    The local building suppliers run F-550 trucks for small deliveries putting 10,000lbs onto the trucks going into sites where the roads are steep enough they need a backhoe to pull them up. Some places you travel couple miles on a single width forestry serice road which is fairly rough to get to the building site.

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    "As for the problems Bill has had I think its from the people that drive his trucks."

    Since the inception of the 6.0 Ford and TS tranny, there have been 58 lawsuites, 14,000 customer complaints, and 77 that's ruight, 77 service bulletins. I only wish I had 14,000 trucks.

    Second, explain why, if it is the people driving, that with the SAME people driving GM products, we have not had one single problem??????????

    Gravel Rat, you need to think before you write anything. I find it very interesting that after only having had a few select Ford trucks you are now a renowned expert on how my companies employees treat the jobs they have had for some many years. You know nothing about our company, our operations, or the terrain we operate in and yet you are qualifying yourself to make an ignorant statement like that one.

    Maintain a fleet for any length of time and you will see what costs your company and what makes you money. I'll say it again. Ford trucks are the most expensive we have ever maintained over the long haul.

    You also need to look at the thousands of problems so many people have had with Ford trannies, Ford engines, and just basic Fordisms that can't be corrected.. Ford trucks have not been made to perform serious work for a number of years.

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