2000 John Deere Skid loader bobcat

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by zzach001, Jun 14, 2011.

  1. zzach001

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    I am very serious about buying this machine. its in pretty good condition. It comes with forks and a bucket. Its a 2000. on 4 wheels with 50% tread and has 1900 hours. Are there any kind of precautions I should take with this machine? I didnt even know john deere made this type opf machine I was originally leaning towards a bobcat but found what I think is a good deal. Any info or advice will help me.
    I will be using it for unloading pallets of sod off a semi and moving them around. also removing lawns and light grading.
  2. Benchboss

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    Take my advice. Stay away from it, especially if it is a series one. Way heavier than a Bobcat, less ground clearance, crappy sight lines, too much overhang over the rear, bucket won't roll back far enough to get you out of a jam, too many pivot points which hold grease. You only have to stand close to the machine to get a grease smear on you clothes. 3 cyl. engine idles poor until revs are brought up. Don't try to jump the battery if the boom is down. Having to be in the seat then buckle up the belt then release brake is a pain the A** Cannot put a hoe on and move the machine from the hoe unless you get back into the cab, buckle up and release the brake.
    I sold mine 2 months after thinking it was a good deal also and bought a Bobcat again. Never again will I buy a J-D.
    Good luck if you make the purchase.
  3. Raymond S.

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    Wow...now that's an informative post. Well done!
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  4. Benchboss

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    Forgot if it is a series one model, they had major problems with the electrical and computer systems. Did I mention that they are a lot noisier in the cab than a Bobcat. Bobcat parts are easier to locate new or used.

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