2000 Walker Mower With Kohler 20hp

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by wacky zachy, Jun 10, 2008.

  1. wacky zachy

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    i believe this motor needs a little work it starts hard after hot and it is putting oil on the plate just above the carb.
    i have noticed that one of the spark plugs is getting carbon/buildup on it causing it to foul out. could it be that this thing needs rings or possibly valve quide seal it runs fine once started and it does not smoke. but before i purchase a new motor would some advice. also if this turns out to be the best bet $$ who has the best prices for a replacement motor for this machine?
  2. b121774

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    Had the same thing happen, the cylinder closest the front of the mower plugged up with debris underneath the shrouds around the cooling fins and overheated that cylinder. Got worse over time till it used 1/2 qt of oil and 3 plugs a day. Oil around the small hose near the top of the carb. Had to replace the motor. Did it myself and it cost about $2300 total
  3. mcambrose

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    I had similar problem with front fins getting clogged with oil leak from OHv. Got hot and ruined rings. I replaced rings and head gasket and it runs good. I changed rings in other side while it was open I removed the motor myself and re-installed it myself. The man who rebuilt the motor charged me $300 for parts, labor and all.

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