2001-2005 Dodge 2500 diesel trucks

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by lyube, May 26, 2009.

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    You need to mix in a little truth if you want it to sound believable :laugh::laugh::laugh:
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    One of the guys in the area had a 94 Dodge Cummins its junk now the cab rotted off. From brandnew the truck pulled to the right and wore off the passenger side steering tire. The mechanics that worked on his truck tried everything. My brothers 94 is exactly the same the passenger side tire wears out before the rest. I think my brother only got 6200 miles out of the left steering tire. BFG ATs do peal off fast but it should last longer than what it has. I drive my brothers 94 time to time its horrible to drive because it steers like crap. Even with brandnew brakes the truck stops like crap.

    And like I said the mechanics in the area HATE working on Dodge vehicals some of the shops refuse to work on them. For one parts are nearly impossible to get. The dealers don't stock any parts.

    Maybe in the USA where Dodge trucks are more previalant and where you don't have twisty roads and no road salt etc they last. On the West Coast with road salt and pacific salt air Dodge trucks do rust faster. The twisty roads make the suspension wear out quicker. And the mountianous terrian makes the trucks eat brakes.

    The worst part about buying a Dodge is once you drive it off the lot your on you own. The dealer washes their hands of anything to do with that truck. Diesel trucks your SOL they won't work on them and not equiped to work on them they farm that work out.

    You can pretty much say in my area Ford trucks have 50% of the market Chevy/GMC has 40% and Dodge shares the 10% with the foriegn brands.

    The only good thing about my brothers truck is its fuel economy but otherwise the truck is just a typical Dodge.
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    Don't worry, for the normal average person, any of the Cummins trucks will serve a person well. You have to understand that Gravel Rat lives in the depths of hell where nothing will survive except the devils one and only love, a Fix or Repair Daily.:rolleyes:
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    I wasn't worried, thanks. I know that the truth stands that without data, it's just another opinion. Since brand loyalty and product engineering as a profession do not go hand in hand, I abandoned that philisophy in undergraduate school. Kind of makes me want to...:sleeping:
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    At this time of night, I agree.:laugh:
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    You have no clue.
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    Keep on pushing your lawn mowers and keep mechanics to people like me.

    If you have to take your truck to a dealer to get fixed or have to have a mechanic to have your truck you have no clue about how poor quality Dodge trucks are.

    I have been pulling wrenches for 15 years from my 1 tons to tandem axle gravel trucks. I have friends that have been mechanics for over 30 years and trust me they say you would have to be stupid to buy a Chrysler vehical.

    Dodge trucks are the biggest joke in the mechanics world. They keep the mechanics here employed.

    Keep buying Dodge trucks your keeping the jobs out of the USA and just think the gov't is spending billions of your tax money to bail Chrysler out.

    Maybe you landscapers should spend some time in the mining or the oil fields or the forest industry and see how long Dodge trucks last under severe abuse. Let me tell you they don't last very long. Cheap tin and cheap quality isn't meant for work.

    Big difference from a landscaper pulling a trailer on a paved road compared to a truck that spends most of its life off road in mud or sharp rock and on rough roads. Some places you need a excavator to pull the truck up the road because its too slippery and 4 wheeldrive isn't enough.

    I would say most of you have no clue on what severe abuse to a truck is. Put double the legal payload into a F-350 srw truck the 10 ply tires are bulging with 80 PSI they look flat and going offroad with the truck.

    Anybody in the resource industries around here would pizz themselves laughing if you took a Dodge into a work site. When your loaded on a barge and taken 40-50 miles up a inlet and no paved road in site. Takes 4-5 hours to get there with a barge and tug you are not taking a unreliable 4x4. The barge costs alone is 600 or more dollars each way.

    Keep trying to prove a Dodge's worth its already been proven for the last 30 years. A Dodge truck stays on paved roads and never leaves a paved road.
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    Great posts very accurate, and I see the need to only add a little bit more information on the 2nd generation Cummins 5.9L, I have a 2002 Dodge CTD 2500, would take it over a 3rd or 4th Gen ANY DAY mainly because of cost, also these 2nd gen trucks are getting harder to find with a Cummins diesel now, dieselheads are getting smart, and buying these trucks up quick. Most only need a new VP44 & LP & tranny; which if your mechanically inclined these trucks still run most a very long time before final death, and can be driven as you work on them. No other Dodge generation diesel has more folks wanting these truck in any condition, wise investment to get into dieselpower.

    The Bosch VP44 is totally fuel lubricated, and that with low PSI with the factory lift pump will kill the VP44, but it's most always a SLOW DEATH, most forget a Cummins will run on a weak VP44 for over 100,000 miles, you loose some power, but the Cummins will tow just fine, just won't win any race's. Most VP44 early failure's are due to folks slapping tuners on these 2 nd Gen Cummins, their is a rubber diaphragm that gets stretched beyond it's spec's due to "cavitation" or loss of fuel or low PSI. diesels only require fuel & air no spark, a tuner only increase's fuel or "advance's the VP44 ECM program, and kills it within 5 minutes of the tuner install, for most owners with a weak VP44. Again this is beacuse most Cummins owners don't realize their VP44 is dying a slow death until a tuner or programmer is added to increase fuel & wear on the VP44 internals. Leave a VP44 Cummins stock until you can ugrade to a FASS or Air Dog, or the new cost effective "most bang for the buck" these in-line generator style fuel pump to keep a constant 10psi up to 17PSI or higher flow of fuel to the VP44 at WOT, even a common rail Bosch CP3 needs more fuel quickly when you start modifying the Cummins. First things first with diesels:nono:

    The A618/518 tranny cases is tried & true Up until the new 68RE, Dodge uses the same transmission case for the 46RH, 47RE, 48RE only the internals are different, and the 46RH is totally hydraulic.

    One very respected transmission leader Suncoast Transmission has a dang near bulletproof 47RE that is used in the GM duramax called the "torqueflite". Yep dieseljunkies in extreme Duramax power application are ditching the Allision 1000 for the 47RE.

    I have rebuilt every Dodge A618/518 transmission at some point, never to open the transmission again once rebuilt that statement can be applied to all automatic's. Diesel transmissions are built to only handle the OEM hp/torque, their all on the edge of destruction.

    It's been about three month's since I rebuilt the 47RE in my 2002 Dodge 2500 CTD, spend roughly 7K. The main cost was a triple disk billet torque converter, and billet internals when possible to include Accumulator & servo's, new Valve body, Raybestos Gen 2 Blue Plate special forward & direct frictions & Kolene Steels, Raybestos TAN overdrive frictions & steels, extra frictions in the forward drum=a 30% increase in clutch/friction surface area or more grabb in 1st & 2nd gear, Extra wide carbon fiber forward band, Extra wide Kevlar reverse band, Mega overdrive spring 950lb pressure for more holding power in overdrive while towing. A 48RE is nothing special just the OEM attempt to fix what most average truck owner does not want to spend at the aftermarket level to "truly" fix the Dodge transmission issue's. Minus the High torque of the stock Cummins, the weak stock torque converter & low set OEM line pressure is what kills the Dodge A618/518 trannys.
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    Why hang out with the Little Landscsaper's, flat landers, you sure like reading & posting on threads that annoy you. That cannot be good for your soul or Blood pressure, so much negativity. I guess we can call the Dodge Cummins trucks being driven on the Axeman & Extreme logging series a freak accident or Dodge surly gave these trucks to the company. Maybe up their the environment is so harsh these "tin" can Dodge trucks just cannot handle it.

    Here locally Conoco Phillips Pipe Line/oil field just swapped all their Ford F-3500/2500's for Dodge Cummins 3500/2500's. Why? Ford Powerstroke's are great diesel's but nothing tows & can snatch a trailer around like a Cummins ISB:nono:

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    Ford 3500/2500?? When they start making those?? :rolleyes:

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