2001-2005 Dodge 2500 diesel trucks

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by lyube, May 26, 2009.

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    Really?, and a truck that looks like someone just stuck 4 wheels on a box and called it a day is better? At least Dodge has curves and overall depth to there design, the Ford design is about as interesting as watching snow melt.[/QUOTE]

    i rather watch snow melt then own a dodge! why do you think chrysler is going bankrupt..... cuz they make ugly products that no one wants to buy.
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    I'll stick with my Dodge any day of the week.
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    You know what they say "Ford Owners Recommend Dodge".:laugh:
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    Found On Road Dead

    Fixed Or Repaired Daily
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    Same here:) local Pipe line ditched their Ford's for Dodge Cummins. I Played a small role in that I was continuelly just walking away from their Ford trucks towing more or the same weight. The deal sealer was when the manager towed with my Dodge Cummins, just snatched the Gooseneck & tractor around their Ford was struggling to tow.

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    Its all about gearing you can have a lawn mower engine pull any load.

    The tow ratings for the province I live in mainly the coast what ever the manufacture says the truck is rated for you can subract 10-20%.

    With a 12,000lb trailer behind a P/U truck and stop on a steep hill and try start off again forget it. I don't care what brand of diesel you have.

    Say a 3/4 ton 4x4 diesel with 4:10 gearing and a 12,000lb trailer will struggle to get the load rolling on a regular highway grade here.

    The manufactures tow ratings are way over rated for hilly areas. They say a 2500 Dodge 4x4 Cummins with 4:10 gears can tow 13,150lbs good luck. If you ever had to make a complete stop on a hill you have no hope in h*ll getting that load rolling. Then the other problem holding that load with the brakes. Ford and Chevy are not and difference.

    Maybe for flat land you can beleive the tow ratings for places where you have hills that can strain U joints and snap axle shafts you never max out with the tow ratings.

    Nobody fools around with P/U trucks they are light duty trucks NOT meant for towing trailers every day. Around here if you towed a 13,000lb trailer every day you would have the truck worn out in 2 years. One thing you would be replacing ring and pinion sets on a regular basis. Transmissions will be up there too.

    If you can't afford to operate a medium duty truck to tow trailers with then you shouldn't be in business. It doesn't make sense to buy a P/U truck to do a job that a International or Peterbilt single axle can do easier and last alot longer.

    It is cheaper for us here in B.C. to buy parts for a 5 ton truck than it is for a P/U truck. I can buy brake parts cheaper for a tandem axle dump than I can for my F-450. Brake drums for a tandem dump are 80-100 dollars brake rotors for my F-450 are close to 200 dollars.

    Nobody fools around with not having a CDL if you need a CDL you go get it. I have had one for 12 years its no big deal I went to driving school and got it.

    Employees you hire MUST have a CDL you don't screw around. If the employee isn't skilled enough to get a CDL you don't want them anyhow.

    This talk about how Dodge trucks tow better your still operating a light duty truck that is pushing its limits. You still have little brakes and weak parts that can break. All I can say is you are a very mickey mouse operation if you use a P/U truck to drag around a heavy trailer daily.
  7. nosparkplugs

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    You got to remember were not all in Canada were it's just so darn tough on Dodge trucks:) You make it sould like it's ok to tow 12,000lbs with a Ford P/U, but not a Dodge.

    Like I have said before I tore up our 4R100 in the old 2002 F-350 7.3L three years ago towing the same Gooseneck & Kubota Tractor right at 13,500lbs give or take some weight that I am still towing with the 2002 Dodge Cummins 2500. Now I did rebuild the 47RE in the Dodge also three months ago at about $7,000, I have never torn up a rear end ever, or had brake issues that were not expected from towing heavy loads.

    I will say no matter the brand truck once I got the OEM parts out be it a transmission or brakes, and replaced them with some high quality aftermarket parts I have never had the same problem again.

    Without getting into a "pissing" match with you GR, it is cost effective for me to use a 2500/3500 with several trailers to tow as the job calls for.

    I have no need to tow over 26,000lbs so a CDL is not needed for me. If I thought I would get some type of insurance discount or was required to have a CDL I would be the first in line for the application. I am sure I can get myself in trouble with my Dodge Cummins; just becuase it can tow a house does not make it legal.

    My next truck might be a 4500/5500, but I must wait until I have the jobs to justify the need for that size of truck.

    I have invested alot into my Dodge truck to ensure it tows safer better than most trucks, be it Ford or GM. Now for the money I have spent on this truck over the last 3 years I could have probably just went out & purchased a new 4500, and just had a big arse truck note, and thats it. I like to have extra money in my bank account, and upgrade my Dodge Cummins as needed

    Heck with the government now in control of Dodge & GM we all might be driving Fords. Or Toyota will just step in with their Tundra 1-ton Hino diesel, and just kill Gm & Dodge. Then we will be longing these debates someday.

  8. Cub Cadet YANMAR.

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    I just read last night that the ECMs in the 6.7cummins after march are locked so now you cant chip those trucks till someone makes a code to get around it thats got a few people on cummins fourms pissed, but come on how much power do you need 350hp 650lbs of torque Id just want an intake a DPF back exhaust for my truck. I think the locking of the ECM is due to the government control!
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    I think they have already found ways around that, I have seen many people with their 6.7's rigged with a programmer or the like.
  10. Cub Cadet YANMAR.

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    Im not totaly sure if they do or not all the 6.7s till march were not locked now they are, but i dont think it will be that hard to get around if you do want to get rid of the DPF.

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