2001 Exmark Lazer 27hp

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by TLS, Oct 22, 2000.

  1. TLS

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    Finally picked up my new mower on Wednesday. A 2001 Lazer 60" with a 27hp Kawasaki V-twin. WOW what a machine. This thing is VERY well engineered. Not to down Dixie Choppers (previous machine), but, there is just no comparison. All welds on the Lazer are smooth, none of the sloppy, rough type welds like on the Dixie's. The dampened sticks are much easier to use than I thought. The only things wrong so far are...The throttle control lever is too loose, it will not stay at full throttle (slides up to about 3/4) I know how to fix, but, dealer will fix for free tomorrow. And the only other thing is the rougher ride! I only have the standard seat. It bucks you up and down so hard that my calf hit the PTO switch off! I really like the power and quietness of this machine. The cut is definately better. I haven't got the Lazer to scalp or gouge anywhere. Plus I can trim close on the discharge side. Also pull right up to a tree between the casters, and its very close. The 1/4" cut height adjustments are teriffic. No more 5/8" front pitch only, deck lifts! Like I said, the Dixie served me very well for 3 seasons, and was relatively trouble free, however, the well laid out planning and engineering of the Lazer is incomparable. I do miss the 15mph on the Dixie, but 10mph is as close as it gets. The Lazer has 18 grease fittings vs. Dixies 12. This with the Lazers sealed non greasable spindles, caster, and wheel bearings.

    Anyone buying a machine that has narrowed it down to Dixie and Lazer, go with the Lazer with the new 27LC Kawi and a 60" or 72" deck. Just look them over real good and you can see a difference.
  2. little green guy

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    I think i am going to get the 26 hp feul injected eps 60" lazer this winter. How much did you pay for that mower?
  3. TLS

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    little green guy,

    I paid $8495.00 the 72" was $500.00 more. The 26 EFI Kohler was 8995.00. The EFI one came with the deck foot lift $45.00 and susp. seat $495.99 already installed. But I fugured the Kawi LC was a much better engine than the Kohler ever was. (I don't mean to down the 26 EFI, but this Kawi is a real nice engine, for less net $.)

  4. tlcgrounds

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    Hey dixie maybe it time to change your namr to Lazer 1. I'm glad you got into a lazer. I've owned four. Wiat until you get a mulching sytem on one. It will return its money 100 times. But I have to ask where you are located. I bought to new 60" units this year and I was curious about the 2001's and they can't get any info on them. I've got a 22 LC and I love the way it sounds. I'll tell you a few secrets. The book recomends replacing the air filter not cleaning it. If I did that I would have to replace one every week. I take it out and clean it peridically and wipe out the canister holder to before reinserting the filter. and when you are trailering or about to turn the unit off. If the radiator is still running, wait for the radiator to turn off before shutting the unit off. I believe that if you do this the engine will cool faster then if just shut off when its hot and the engine won't wear as fast. Just one question? Did you get the 60" or 72". I think I'll get the 72" nezt year.
  5. Runner

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    You can't go wrong with the 26 hp. EFI on the EPS unit. If you're thinking about getting a Lazer of ANY sort, the deluxe seat is REAL nice, and don't even CONSIDER not having the foot assisted decklift. I couldn't even imagine running one if these machines without it. Being that the 26 EFI is rated at closer to 29 hp., it has much quicker and smoother throttle response, (also better intake whiule running on slopes) and there is no choke and carb to mess with, I think the EPS is an all around better buy. But they are ALL nice!
  6. toddman35

    toddman35 LawnSite Member
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    just wondering if exmark changed any styling on the new ztrs? i saw exmark changed their walk behinds. has anyone used them?
  7. Mr.Ziffel

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    How does that 27HP Kawasaki start and idle in the cold? I've got a Mule with the 617cc LC and I was told at the time and it's proved to be true that it's very cold blooded. Hard to start and get warmed up, but when it's up and going, it's a real runner. I'm looking at a new Toro this winter and like the idea of the Kawasaki over the Kohler. Anyone have any ideas on cold starting these things? Not a big problem but you need to factor in some time to get going. Thanks, WillM.
  8. Cutter1

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    My Laser has the greaseless spindles. I was just wondering where the 12 fittings are on this machine?? I thought all the new ones where like mine. Toddman, I tried the new walkbehind, its real nice!! Easy to use and easier on you, in my opinion.
  9. toddman35

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    the new exmark has 18 grease fittings. the dixie has only 12
  10. Eric ELM

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    It depends on which Dixie Chopper model your talking about. My 2001 XWD2600 has 18 grease fittings and the gas models have always had 13 grease fittings since 1993 and maybe before that. Sounds like you have been missing one Dixie 1. If the 2001 gas models have also added one to the foot lift like the diesel, they should have 14 grease fittings. I haven't checked one out to see.

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