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2001 Price increase?


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Middlebury, CT
Tried doing a search on price increases but not much found. What do you people think would be a fair price increase for regular customers. I do mostly $30-$45 lawns and up. Should I increase, or not. If so do I use a percentage or flat increase. Give me your opinions. Thanks. Tom

1st impressions

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This year I am increasing my lawn maintenance rates by
5% minimum. I break this down to 2% to cover the
ever increasing cost of gas and 3% for me.
Last year when gas hit $2.25 a gallon I put a temp
fuel surcharge of 3% to help cover the difference. Only
problem now is if gas spikes again will I be able to impose another surcharge without a negative backlash. The 2%
increase only covers gas to about $1.70-$1.75. I may have
to rethink this number because gas just hit $1.60. Hope
this helps!



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Every year.

Cost of living/operation increases, so the percentage covers this. If a client declines we then refer them to another contractor we feel can accomodate their needs for last years price. We have to make money, Not donate it.